Coinbase ignores Cardano, Charles Hoskinson reacts

2022 will certainly have been the year of all challenges for the crypto industry. The crypto exchange Coinbase has produced a report in which it outlines the realities of the sector and its prospects. But the content of the document is not to everyone’s taste.

A lack of respect for Cardano?

After the publication of Coinbase’s 2023 Crypto Market Outlook report, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano reacted. He was offended that his network was not mentioned in the document. This, while Cardano has been one of the ecosystems that has had the most impact on the crypto industry this year, with in particular its Vasil hard fork and many innovative projects.

However, the report wanted to expose how the dramatic events of 2022 will shape the crypto landscape over the next few years. Recall that the document intended for institutional clients only mentioned the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems.

Hoskinson’s remark

“There is not a single mention of Cardano in this report. It’s quite low and quite sad. Honestly, I expected better”has written Charles Hoskinson, on Twitter.

Many members of the crypto community shared the same view as the founder of Cardano. They said they were disappointed with this lack of recognition vis-à-vis one of the strongest ecosystems in the industry.

In a show of solidarity, members of the community reminded Coinbase of Cardano’s accomplishments in 2022. Among them is the Cardano Foundation. It is a Swiss non-profit organization that promotes the growth of the protocol. In a thread, the foundation noted that the Cardano ecosystem has seen explosive growth in 2022. As of December 21, it had 3.80 million wallets, of which 1.2 million are delegated. This represents a 47% increase over last year. The number of transactions on the network also increased by 139% to 56.9 million during the same period.

The Coinbase report highlights the behavior in 2022 of the top two cryptos by market capitalization. It also covers their developments, as well as topics such as regulation and NFTs and the future. But for Charles Hoskinson and the crypto community, we cannot talk about the future of the sector without mentioning its most significant players, including the Cardano ecosystem.

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