Certhis: The no-code solution for NFTs

Aimed at businesses and their web agencies, Certhis is a no-code technology that allows them to create and deploy an NFT collection, publish it on their own sites, for their customers or community, and connect utility applications to it.

What is Certhis?

Certhis is a no-code Web3 technology for all brands and creators. No-Code is an approach to software development that requires little or no programming skills to quickly create an application. This allows line of business employees who have the necessary institutional knowledge, and who understand the business requirements of an application, but do not have programming language knowledge, to create software applications such as a form or website, or to add functionality to an existing site or application.

How does Certhis work?

Certhis helps brands and creators to create and manage their own NFT business. With Certhis, you can:

  • Create your own label: a label is your environment on which you can deploy all your collections. You can create more than one label and, for each label, you must choose the blockchain on which your collection will be deployed. Currently, Certhis supports: Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon and BNB.
  • Deploy your NFT collections on a website: this allows your customers to obtain and sell their NFTs directly from your website.
  • Connect Utility Apps: to provide your brand with tools to offer a unique and personalized experience to your customers holding your NFTs.
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How to start your NFT business with Certhis?

With Certhis, there is no need to register, as the system is 100% decentralized. All you have to do is have a wallet and connect it.

  1. The first step is to connect your wallet.
  2. Create your label by selecting your environment (blockchain).
  3. Fill in the name and description of your label, and add a logo, then click on “Create”.
  4. Your label is created. You now have access to your label’s dashboards.
  5. Deploy your NFT collection: you can choose between three types of collections and complete the necessary information about your collection. Click “Next” and upload your NFT collection.
  6. Embed your NFT collection on your website: you can choose three functions. Everything is customizable, so you can do it according to your taste.
  7. Connect utility app(s) to your collection.
How to start your NFT business with Certhis?

Certhis strengths

Integration of the NFT collection: With its integration principle, Certhis allows brands, through its integration modules, to publish their NFT collection directly on their own site, and therefore to offer their customers the possibility of mining and reselling their NFT without going through a third-party site. . For this, the brand has a marketplace of its own NFTs on its site.

Connection of utility applications on collections: Certhis Utility Apps is a marketplace offering applications that can be connected to NFTs in a collection so that companies can offer their customers benefits, rewards and utilities in addition to acquiring the NFT.

For example: an NFT scanner that gives access to a physical event exclusively to NFT holders. Or an NFT Web3 email that allows brands to communicate with the holders of their NFTs.

NFT Royalties: Certhis also offers NFT royalties which gives you a percentage of the sale price each time your NFT creation is sold on a marketplace. NFT royalty payments are perpetual and are executed automatically by smart contracts. On most marketplaces, you can choose your royalty percentage. Thus, Certhis allows you to insert multiple digital wallets into the smart contract and allows you to choose the percentage of royalties each wallet will receive.

Who are Certhis’ targets?

Marks : These are one of the main targets of Certhis as it offers brands a host of benefits. Application development becomes more accessible, that is to say, easier to access for a greater number of people thanks to no-code tools.

Because you don’t need coding knowledge to build and run a workable app with Certhis, more people and brands can bring their ideas to life. This is extremely valuable for brands with busy development teams.

Businesses : Certhis offers companies colossal advantages in terms of time and costs. For companies looking to develop a relatively simple application, an MVP or even a proof of concept, Certhis development tools will allow you to achieve this in an efficient and non-technical way. Certhis also gives those who wouldn’t have the opportunity to be developers the chance to see their ideas become reality. Regardless of individual’s level of expertise, Certhis empowers people to accomplish more, faster.

Their web agencies : A brand or a business with an NFT project will need a marketing concept, a media and communications plan that they can develop directly with their Web agency. Certhis will provide the technological brick.


Being part of Certhis is much more than developing products and creating NFTs. Certhis not only wants people to help by making it easy to create, but to be part of something bigger. With Certhis, any creator or company in the Web3 will be able to easily integrate quality NFT solutions on their own platforms. To not miss any news from Certhis, you can go to their website, Twitter, instagramWhere Telegram.

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