Crypto airdrop: Dymension and Chihuahua Chain reward their communities!

Airdrops represent a valuable opportunity for traders to benefit from new cryptos for free. Through a strategic partnership, Dymension and Chihuahua Chain come together to offer this opportunity to cryptophiles. More details on this initiative in this article.

A crypto airdrop to reward stakers

The crypto ecosystem is evolving with the introduction of Dogmond (DGM), the first memecoin rollup on Dymension, backed by Chihuahua chain. This strategic initiative aims to reward the main contributors to the emergence of these different projects. Indeed, 40% of DGM tokens will be allocated to $DYM stakers, in recognition of their crucial role in securing the network.

An identical allocation of 40% of DGM tokens is intended for $HUAHUA stakers. This approach aims to encourage active participation and thank these participants for their contribution to the development of the crypto ecosystem.

To further support community development and innovation, 10% of DGM tokens will be allocated to the Dymension and Chihuahua Chain community pools, for a total of 20% of tokens distributed in total to the Dymension community pool.

The Dogmond project on Dymension ($DYM)

In addition to the distribution of rewards under the airdrop, Dymension and Chihuahua Chain have also made important decisions on how the new Dogmond project. Thus, DGM will be used as the primary currency for transaction fees on the network. This strategic decision not only ensures the utility of the token, but also its continued demand. By serving as fuel for transactions, DGM could become indispensable in the crypto ecosystem, encouraging users to acquire and hold the token for their daily operations.

Additionally, $HUAHUA crypto will also be accepted as a payment method for transaction fees, providing increased flexibility for Dogmond users. The acceptance of both cryptocurrencies for transactions highlights both platforms’ commitment to creating an inclusive and accessible ecosystem, where the variety of payment options enriches the user experience and supports the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Dymension’s crypto airdrop in partnership with Chihuahua Chain illustrates the commitment of these two entities to constant innovation in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. By actively rewarding stakers and promoting community engagement, they once again remind us of the importance of collective participation in the crypto ecosystem.

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