BNB Chain: We reveal the name of the most popular GameFi project of the moment!

Axie Infinity may have a market capitalization of $1.1 billion, but it’s not very famous anymore. At the moment, this game developed by Sky Mavis does not even occupy the top 5 of the most popular GameFi projects. He had to give way to other more enticing games, especially on the Gameta platform, which nowadays accumulates hundreds of thousands, even millions, of subscribers.

Gameta, the GameFi project cherished by millions of users

Early September, BSC News praised the merits of Gameta. At that time, this “ultracasual” GameFi project initially built on Solana surprised observers. Indeed, it had risen to the top of the DappRadar chart only a week after migrating to BNB Chain.

Graph showing the evolution of Gameta at the beginning of September – Source: DappRadar

Delighted with his team’s achievement, Gameta CEO Liostain commented:

Starting today, Gameta has become the #1 gaming app network on the BNB channel. We are delighted with this growth on BNB Chain and are deeply grateful for the enthusiasm of its community. »

The statistics revealed at the time by DappRadar highlighted a Gameta rich in:

  • 35,000 users in just 48 hours, between August 30 and the 1er september ;
  • 80,000 users per day.

Just yesterday, Coin 98 Analytics has established a new ranking of GameFi projects highlighting an ever more popular and unbeatable Gameta. Right now, this Web3 gaming platform has accumulated about 2 million subscribers.

Details on this Coin 98 Analytics ranking:

  • 1er : Gameta, with 1.85 million users;
  • 2e : Alien Worlds, a blockchain game with 759,000 users;
  • 3e : Solitaire Blitz, with 465,000 users;
  • 4e : Benji Bananas, with 407,000 users;
  • 5e : Splinterlands, listing 334,000 users.
Top 20 most popular GameFi projects.

As you can see, Axie Infinity is no longer in the Top 5 most popular GameFi projects. Right now this game developed by Sky Mavis is in 6e position, with only 280,000 users. Nevertheless, Axie Infinity is part of the projects Play-to-Earn very large market capitalization ($1.1 billion).

Gameta, quesaco?

It’s about a web3 gaming platform which is intended for occasional players tired of the Web2 experience. Offering a wide variety of hyper-casual games, with lower labor costs, Gameta stands out from other GameFi games.

Indeed, gamers will be able to start their adventure with fun games with casual gameplay and high quality. Basically, they will have the chance to learn how to win before having unique experiences on Gameta.

Gameta, the most famous Play-to-Earn platform on BNB Chain.

Before starting, players will be asked to purchase an NFT. As they evolve, Gameta will allow them access to amenities such as:

  • interaction with other players;
  • the ability to build, not just use the platform;
  • access to DeFi protocols conducive to trading and borrowing;
  • the ease of choosing a suitable dApp;
  • the transparency promised by the BNB Chain technology;
  • network compatibility with Ethereum’s ERC-20;
  • etc

Note that the purchase of NFT is the sine qua non to fully experience this GameFi adventure in Gameta. And as you all know, this step requires holding crypto assets. Currently, Gameta has two tokens: W3G and HIP. The first being the utility token within the dApp and the other representing the Gameta governance token.

Admittedly, the bear market is here, and many investors are suffering from it. However, this has not prevented the emergence of innovative projects in the world of GameFi, NFTs and the metaverse. At the moment, the ranking of the best GameFi projects has undergone a major revision to the point of putting Gameta, a project recently transferred to BNB Chain, at the top of the list. To see the statistics, several investors have decided to set foot there, just to accumulate some gains in crypto while waiting for the bull run.

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