Cardano (ADA): a warm welcome for smart contracts?

Like many crypto companies, Cardano has not been spared by the bear market. However, she was able to quickly climb back up the slope. The proof, it is about to reach the milestone of 4 million portfolios to its credit.

The number of wallets registered on Cardano is gradually approaching 4 million

Cardano will soon display 4 million wallets

Even before the end of 2022, crypto analysts were sensing a bright future for Cardano. Since the beginning of this year 2023, the blockchain has indeed continued to grow tremendously. In particular, we focus on the various innovations made to retain crypto investors and attract new users. Adding 50,000 crypto wallets is one of them. These innovations also raise Cardano to third place in the ranking of the most developed blockchains.

According to the data recently released by the crypto company, there were 51,868 registered wallets between 1er January and January 25, 2023. This is the equivalent of 2,075 new crypto wallets created per day. Thus, Cardano currently has more than 3.9 million wallets.

These figures show that Cardano’s situation is identical to that of Ethereum in 2017. For many, this is a real achievement. But above all, it means that Cardano is gradually gaining the confidence of traders.

The innovations behind such a feat

This tremendous growth of Cardano is no accident. It is the result of various improvements made by his team. We especially emphasize the efforts made by Cardano to open up to all programming languages. The proof, Cardano smart contracts are compatible with all programming languages. This approach has allowed crypto to attract developers who are not necessarily familiar with blockchain technologies.

Another innovation to know: the addition of new functionalities to Plutus smart contracts. They significantly improve the user experience.

Many crypto investors and analysts agree: Cardano is on the right track. Like the number of wallets, its smart contracts are also constantly increasing. But will these different developments allow ADA to soon reach the $1 cap? To be continued…

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