Bobby Lee confesses helplessness in his bitcoin price prediction

Bobby Lee is a crypto enthusiast and crypto industry veteran. He previously announced that the price of Bitcoin would finally cross the $100,000 mark at the end of 2022. But like the majority of crypto predictions, this one did not come true. announcing on Twitter that Bobby Lee admits to not being a “know-it-all” expert.

A three-year-old bitcoin price prediction

It never happened, but in October of last year, Bobby Lee predicted that the price of Bitcoin will cross the $100,000 mark. It was not the first time that we heard him on the subject as said In 2019, he already announced the same thing. At the time, he was launching Ballet, his physical crypto wallet manufacturing company.

According to Bobby Lee, the price of bitcoin was expected to rise towards the end of 2022 driven by novice investors. He explained that a phenomenon called FOMO (Fear Of Miss Out) was going to push investors to invest massively. This massive investment was to be relayed by the press and to further drive up prices. Unfortunately, so far, the maximum price reached by a bitcoin is around $69,000.

Bobby Lee: The next Bull Run will be in 2025

Despite his incorrect bitcoin price prediction, Bobby was unfazed. In interview with CNBC, he announces that the crypto market will start climbing again in 2025. In other words, the crypto winter observed so far will last until 2025. For once, we would appreciate if his prediction was wrong. Lee observes that since the bankruptcy of FTX, things are going even worse in the crypto market.

In addition, regulatory authorities fail to impose themselves in the crypto industry. He adds that it would be necessary to reinstall confidence with investors. Bitcoin may present itself as a decentralized asset, but it no longer enjoys the same trust. We regret that Bobby did not specify the factors that will bring back a Bull Market in 2025.

Bobby Lee isn’t the only crypto enthusiast whose Bitcoin price prediction turns out to be wrong. others bitcoin predictions at $220,000 had caused a lot of talk at the start of 2022. But anyway, can we really give credence to the price predictions of such a volatile asset? others expert predictions for 2023 have been made, we will see if they come true.

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