Blockchain: Soon a security system for smart Samsung devices

This year, Samsung has been very active in the blockchain technology and crypto sector. So far, it has implemented several security measures specifically dedicated to blockchain or crypto ecosystems. Some even think that the South Korean electronics and software giant could become a leader in cryptos. Until this hypothesis is confirmed, the crypto community could be in awe of Samsung’s new project. Indeed, the company has decided to use blockchain technology to strengthen the security of its smart devices.

Knox Matrix: Samsung’s revolutionary security system?

This October 13, Samsung presented its future gem: a revolutionary security solution called Knox Matrix. The South Korean electronics giant is developing a private blockchain-type security system for its smart devices. “Multi-device protection is the next battlefront for security and privacy. That’s why Samsung has developed Samsung Knox Matrix, a revolutionary concept of multi-device protection with next-level security.“, he explained.

With Knox Matrix, any environment that includes multiple Samsung devices will have enhanced security. The idea is to set up a system in which each smart device controls the activity of the others. That said, Knox Matrix would result from the revision of Samsung’s existing security strategy. She would have been born during the company’s last developer conference.

Samsung’s new security solution is linked to the blockchain.

The firm specified that all of its smart devices will support Knox Matrix, regardless of their operating system (Android, Tizen, etc.). Indeed, Samsung developers are working on Knox Matrix to provide a unified security SDK for devices.

A solution that can simplify connection procedures

Samsung claimed that Knox Matrix will enable easier connection procedures in a fully smart home. With this in mind, there will be a access data sharing to appliances from home who need it to join the network.

At the same time, thanks to Knox Matrix, other devices connected to the network will not be able to access sensitive information. The connection process will therefore not only be simplified, but also improved.

Samsung has not disclosed any information on the launch date of the Knox Matrix system. The firm also did not provide information on the technical specifications of its new product. However, she said:Stay tuned for more from Samsung Knox Matrix and its security approach designed for today’s connected world“.

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