Bitcoin on the balance sheets: Wall Street giants racing against time!

More and more companies, from tech giants to car manufacturers, are integrating Bitcoin into their treasury. The imminent approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF in the United States could further explode this already galloping craze.

Companies are adopting BTC: towards a new economic paradigm?

The upcoming arrival of Bitcoin Spot ETFs in the United States marks a decisive turning point. According to some estimates, up to $30 billion could flow into the Bitcoin market, leading to a dramatic price surge.

Faced with this tempting prospect, many publicly traded companies and major financial entities have already started accumulating bitcoins on their balance sheets.

The website lists all these companies holding bitcoins. We see that since September 2023, these companies have significantly increased their BTC holdings, going from 1,648,731 to 1,704,125 bitcoins at the time of writing this article.

The most striking example is that of MicroStrategy, a technological giant in Business Intelligence, which alone holds no less than 189,150 BTC.

Natural obstacles to controlling Bitcoin

Some observers fear that with their enormous financial resources, these ETF funds will end up monopolizing the majority of bitcoins in circulation. Arthur Hayes, one of the co-founders of BitMEX, also warns against the risks of interference from traditional markets in the development of Bitcoin.

However, in a recent analysis published on Cointelegraph, several experts consider this scenario very unlikely. They argue that the final supply of Bitcoin is strictly capped at 21 million units. Additionally, many holders would refuse to sell at any price. Above all, the more demand intensifies, the more the price soars, which further deters potential sellers. Not to mention its decentralized nature which hinders any attempt at takeover.

We can certainly expect wealthy entities to acquire significant quantities of BTC in the near future. However, given its planned scarcity, combined with the reluctance of many holders to sell their precious tokens, should prevent any massive grabbing.

In short, if these spot Bitcoin ETFs establish crypto adoption by institutions, they in no way threaten the accessibility of BTC to the general public. On the contrary, individual holders can rejoice at the upcoming surge in prices.

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