Crypto stars shining on Cosmos for less than $0.01

Despite a few difficult weeks for the entire crypto market, the stars of Cosmos are defying the odds! Certain cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem have recently stood out for the impressive growth in their prices. We present to you three of them, nuggets developed on Cosmos and accessible for less than $0.01.

Chihuahua (HUAHUA)

Considered a memecoin 2.0, Chihuahua (HUAHUA) was recently one of the stars of the week on the Cosmos ecosystem. Even though its price has fallen following a recent correction, the crypto is currently trading at $0.00009914, and is in perfect health. It's a far cry from its ATH of $0.00983 reached in January 2022, but the data seems to indicate that now is an opportune time to enter the market.

HUAHUA is the first interoperable memecoin developed on a PoS blockchain interoperable with over 30 blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem. Let us also remember that Chihuahua Chain allows the development of Degen applications, innovative dApps, etc., thanks to Cosmwasm smart contracts. This memecoin 2.0 therefore has a unique growth potential that should not be underestimated.

OneLedger (OLT)

If you want to combine HUAHUA with another star in the Cosmos ecosystem, OneLedger (OLT) is one of the best options. Indeed, OLT is up 14.77% over the last 24 hours. Over the last 7 days, its price is up 15.43%. The crypto is currently trading at $0.003048 and continues to show very positive signs at the moment.

Remember that the OneLedger blockchain is interoperable with the blockchains of the Cosmos ecosystem and compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem. Likewise, it uses enhanced DPoS consensus on Tendermint. Its native token, OLT therefore has strong utility, unlike traditional memecoins.

Passage (PASG)

Up 8.65% over the last 24 hours, PASG is the third star in the Cosmos ecosystem for this week. The crypto is currently trading at a price of $0.02829. But does the PASG token really have a future? Clearly. Indeed, it is interesting to know that Passage, the platform of which it is the native token, is built with Cosmos and with cutting-edge technologies.

Aimed at revolutionizing web3, Passage aims to facilitate the creation and interconnection of virtual and physical experiences, through user-generated games. With such an ecosystem, the PASG token has a very bright future ahead of it. Betting on its future rise could bring in a nice jackpot. Who knows ?

In conclusion, despite the recent turbulence in the crypto market, some stars of the Cosmos ecosystem continue to shine. Chihuahua (HUAHUA), OneLedger (OLT), and Passage (PASG) all posted impressive price growth, defying odds. With innovative projects and solid integration into the Cosmos ecosystem, these cryptos offer promising prospects for the future. Whether thanks to its memecoin 2.0 character, its concrete usefulness, or its revolutionary potential in web3, each of these nuggets presents convincing arguments for those looking to invest wisely.

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