Bitcoin – India's main opposition party paralyzed by freezing of its bank accounts

The Congress Party says the Modi government has “crippled” it by freezing bank accounts. Bitcoin fixes this.

Bitcoin to the rescue of democracy

India’s main opposition political force accuses Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government of manipulating the elections by freezing its bank accounts. This financial asphyxiation occurs under the cover of an investigation in the context of a tax dispute.

India will hold six-week elections starting next month. The Congress Party-led alliance will be pitted against Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Former Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi told a press conference in New Delhi on Thursday that the party cannot run an election campaign under these conditions:

“Can you imagine what happens when your bank account, your credit card, your financial identity is erased? If this is the case for a family, they will die of hunger. If this is the case for a business, it will be paralyzed. This is what happened to our party, the Congress Party, a month ago. All our bank accounts have been frozen.

We cannot campaign. We cannot support our employees or our candidates. Our leaders cannot fly. They can’t even take the train anymore. And this, barely two months before the elections.

The electoral commission is doing nothing to unfreeze the bank accounts of the country’s largest opposition party. Even if our funds are released today, we have already lost a month. We are unable to purchase billboard placement. We cannot publish advertisements in newspapers. What is this democracy?

They say that India is the largest democracy in the world, that is a lie. 20% of Indians vote for us and we are not able to pay two rupees. What’s most important is being stolen from you. Your constitutional and democratic rights are being stolen from you. »

These actions obviously recall the freezing of the bank accounts of Canadian truckers or even the Wikileaks Paypal account.

All this should be compared with the recent European decision to ban cash payments above 3,000 euros. This trend is very worrying. Without freedom of transaction, we have no other rights. At the same time we are losing freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.

It is increasingly clear that our financial system is undermining the freedoms and rights guaranteed by our constitutions. Payment giants like PayPal, Mastercard and Visa no longer hesitate to block the possibility of making donations.

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How many individuals, businesses and associations lose their bank accounts or struggle to open new ones under false pretenses? Today, withdrawing your money in cash means risking being subjected to cross-examination.

What about our freedoms in a world where cash is replaced by CBDC? … This is why bitcoin is a formidable safeguard against authoritarian excesses. Both on an individual and national scale. Look at Russia, from whom the EU and the United States confiscated $300 billion.

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