Eliminating intermediaries, or trusted third parties, is the ultimate goal of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. With an ever-increasing level of adoption, bitcoin and other altcoins are unnerving institutions as they see their old prey gradually come out of their cages. Decentralization does not make them happy, apparently. Suddenly, with what Blockstream and Sevenlabs have just released, intermediaries will quickly be forgotten in history.

Bitcoin (BTC) transaction: Do we have to go through an intermediary?

XDEX, the decentralized exchange blessed by Poseidon

The Poseidon group, backed by Blockstream and Sevenlabs, has set up the first exchange of security token for bitcoin and stablecoins for Swiss users. It will support assets integrating the ecosystem of the queen of cryptocurrencies and will allow trading based on the peer to peer.

XDEX is the name assigned to this exchange.

Introducing XDEX, a new open and decentralized security token and Liquid token exchange.

Based on @Liquid_BTC, users can trade assets such as stablecoins, security tokens and any other digital asset issued on Liquid.

This is advanced finance.

For more information: xdex.ch »

For Lars Schlichting, General Counsel of XDEX, “ the use of P2P infrastructure by financial markets is unavoidable today “.

This is the reason why Poseidon chose the level 2 application Liquid Network, which is conducive to scaling bitcoin. It took using Blockstream to make it happen.

Thus, exchanges of assets such as bitcoin, stablecoins (in euros or Swiss francs) and Liquid assets will become a privilege for XDEX users. Note that from its launch on 4e quarter of 2022, the latter will also be entitled to exchanges of ratings mining of Blockstream or of “ equity token (or capital token) Infinite Fleet.

A plurality of possibilities

As mentioned above, XDEX is supported by:

  • Blockstream, a global leader in Bitcoin infrastructure and author of the Liquid Network sidechain conducive to accelerating BC payments and tokenizing assets;
  • Sevenlabs, a software lab specializing in the development of Bitcoin/Liquid apps free of escrow;
  • and Poseidon, this group which supports any company wishing to develop, test and provide solutions aimed at financial system revolution global.
EDEX, the result of a partnership between Blockstream, Sevenlabs and Poseidon

Thus, XDEX authorizes a technological framework including speed, security, confidentiality, P2P exchanges without trusted third party or the use of all-in-one digital securities authorizing the management of programmable assets on Liquid.

EDEX, this avant-garde solution is therefore the pride of Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream.

By leveraging Blockstream’s AMP asset management platform, TDEX decentralized protocol, and Liquid’s confidential transactions and speed, XDEX forms a complete stack of Bitcoin technology that provides a blueprint for future securities trading and drives further reform of traditional capital markets and disintermediation “, he specified.

And that’s just the beginning. Since XDEX intends to put in place a regulatory framework and expand its scope of action after obtaining a new fintech license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Note that this license is supposed to cover exchanges of token-value or tokens of shares.

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