Bitcoin (BTC): The Philippines is opening up a little more to the flagship crypto

Bitcoin (BTC) is a borderless currency with multiple uses. Used in the most varied fields, the largest cryptocurrency is introduced a little more in tourism. Currently, more than 100 stores, hotels and restaurants and more accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payment on Boracay Island in the Philippines. Called Bitcoin Island, Boracay is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. It is now possible to use Bitcoin in more than 100 locations in this locality via the electronic wallet.

Bitcoin (BTC): Accepted at over 100 locations on Boracay Island, Philippines

Many believe that Boracay is the best place to live from Bitcoin. In addition to being a preferred destination, several businesses accept Bitcoin as currency, which could attract more tourists. Among these companies are gourmet restaurants, street foods. There are also hotels, shops, water sports and resorts. But not only that, there are many more. The map of all Boracay Island locations in the Philippines that accept Bitcoin is available on the internet.

As a local, it is possible to live off Bitcoins alone with the addition of more local markets. Some companies make sure to use fiat as little as possible when sourcing from their suppliers. The self-employed on this island of Philippines are paid in Bitcoins although some also cash in fiat. However, some sell fiats for pocket money. This is because it is easier to send Bitcoin (BTC) to their families in other cities.

Philippines Bitcoin
Establishments accepting Bitcoin (BTC), on Boracay Island, Philippines

Bitcoin remains a benchmark in the crypto-sphere

Pouch sponsored bitcoin education on Boracay Island. The goal is to prove the usefulness of the Lightning network for international payments. The adoption rate for the e-wallet has also accelerated. Both holidaymakers and locals benefit from this easy payment method. Bitcoin fans can rejoice at this news and discover new destinations like the Philippines with Boracay Island. There is no shortage of activities to try with Bitcoin on this paradise island.

In addition, BTC remains the benchmark cryptocurrency to this day. This, even if he had known difficult times. This year, this crypto is registering significant declines. But despite this, its course is gradually recovering. Moreover, Bitcoin is increasingly used as a payment currency, following the example of the 100 companies in Boracay in the Philippines. As of this writing, BTC is trading at $18,484.02.

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