Crypto: Paris Match immortalizes its cult photos in NFT on Ethereum

The prestigious French magazine Paris Match is celebrating its 75 years of existence by continuing its exploration of the crypto world and is auctioning 75 emblematic photos in the form of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, accompanied by signed and numbered physical prints.

Paris Match enters the crypto era with an event-driven NFT auction

Spearhead of French Photojournalism for 75 years, Paris Match perpetuates its rich heritage by transforming a careful selection of 75 iconic archive photos into NFTs.

This auction historic, open today, allows enthusiasts and collectors to acquire a digital part of history, immortalized forever on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Among the treasures on offer, legendary images capturing the Rolling Stones, Jack Nicholson, Orson Welles and John Travolta, but also historical moments such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, scenes of life in Harlem or the Tour de France. A true journey to the heart of history and popular culture.

For this major event, Paris Match is partnering with Focus Bloc, a platform specializing in photo NFTs, and SuperRare, the prestigious NFT marketplace, creating a perfect synergy between photographic expertise and blockchain innovation.

The auction begins today with affordable bids at 0.3 ETH, or approximately $1,062, thus democratizing access to these heritage treasures.

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A successful symbiosis between tradition and modernity

Each photo will not only be available as an NFT version on Ethereum, but also accompanied by a numbered and signed physical print. A unique opportunity for traditional collectors to combine their passions for the tangible and the virtual.

Emmanuel Daien, founder of Focus Bloc, had already supervised a previous NFT sale from Paris Match in January 2023, noting a shared enthusiasm between photo enthusiasts and crypto enthusiasts.

This time, the choice of an auction format and the addition of a physical element to NFTs demonstrate the constant adaptation of Paris Match, keen to meet the expectations of its different audiences. A winning strategy that promises to delight both art lovers and technology enthusiasts.

In short, by immortalizing its photos in the form of NFTs on Ethereum, Paris Match is resolutely part of modernity while celebrating its rich photographic heritage. Today's auctions will mark a new essential step in the convergence between the world of photography and blockchain.

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