Bitcoin (BTC): The current price is very low according to Bloomberg

Bloomberg is one of the world’s leading providers of 24-hour financial news and information. This data includes real-time and historical prices, financial data, trade news and market coverage. analysts. Its services provide business analysis tools to finance professionals. One of Bloomberg’s primary sources of revenue is the Bloomberg Terminal, an integrated platform that continuously streams this price data. After a bear market that lasted several months, Bloomberg announces a particularly low current bitcoin price.

Bloomberg Intelligence: What is it?

Bloomberg Intelligence is one of Bloomberg LP’s main product offerings. They are one of the most widely used and valued professional investment systems in the financial market. The high cost does not allow individual investors with relatively small capital to acquire it. Thus, institutional investors are the majority clients.

Investors can also use Bloomberg Intelligence’s trading system to facilitate the placement of financial transactions, such as stock and options trades.
Bloomberg charges an annual subscription. The price of the electronic trading system reached $27,660 per year in 2020.

The price of bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) price as of August 7, 2022 – One-year scale

The cryptocurrency is trading around USD 23,018 at the time of writing. According to Bloomberg, the current price is low. For a long-term investor, we can fully join the analysis of the algorithm with regard to the fundamental.

If some consider that a bullish trend has been initiated, others temper this information since the bullish recovery is not established over time. In other words, the recent moves might just be a technical bounce. If so, the asset has not bottomed out in this falling market. However, if the negative trend is confirmed, it seems that Bloomberg considers the current range to be synonymous with balance for investors.

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