Bitcoin (BTC): Stealth miners break records!

The Bitcoin blockchain has been around for about thirteen years. Since its creation, the mining seems to be gaining momentum since more than 755,000 blocks have been extracted so far. While well-known bitcoin mining pools currently dominate, unknown miners have literally broken all records over the past 13 years.

Mining explodes on the Bitcoin blockchain

Bitcoin is the first and largest blockchain present in the crypto market. It is therefore not surprising to learn that more than 98 pools have mined BTC over the past thirteen years. In the past three days, 11 known mining pools have dedicated the hashrate to bitcoin. And during the last 12 months, 27 mining pools have mined bitcoin.

According to statistics, Foundry USA is, this year, the leader in terms of hashrate. Last year, along with Antpool, they were the top two miners. The combined pools mined 18,229 blocks out of the 53,510 blocks mined this year.

However, Foundry USA remains in the lead with 10,044 blocks discovered. Followed by Antpool with 8,185 bitcoin blocks, F2pool, Binance Pool, ViaBTC, Poolin and As for unknown miners, they captured only 1.78% of the blocks found this year, or 954 blocks in 12 months. However, they seem to be the big winners in bitcoin mining.

Unknown hashrate uncovers majority of BTC blocks since inception

Well-known mining pools have made the Bitcoin world their preserve. However, the unknown hashrate, popularly known as stealth miners, is the ultimate winner of the larger number of blocks bitcoin discovered in history. According to the data, stealth miners have captured 29.90% of the global hashrate out of 755,432 blocks discovered since the inception of bitcoin (BTC).

So while the unknown hashrate is less noticeable these days, stealth miners have still managed to find 225,864 blocks since the network launched. F2pool has been in second place with over 73,447 BTC blocks for over a decade. Antpool, one of the current leading miners holds the third largest position with 65,999 blocks mined since the network started.

In September 2022, after thirteen years, bitcoin mining difficulty and global hashrate reached all-time highs. Foundry USA, today’s top mining pool has only found 1.55% of the blocks mined to date and ranks fifteenth in all-time statistics.

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