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The crypto world continues to evolve despite a bearish trend in recent weeks. A constant evolution that delights some and torments others given the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Concerns shared by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, during one of his speeches.

President Joe Biden answers various questions about the US economy on 60 Minutes

The Merge ETH: what’s next?

After the runaway success of The Merge, exponential growth was expected for the Ethereum cryptocurrency platform. But the reality is quite different! There has indeed been a considerable drop in the value of the ETHW in recent days: -17% against the dollar in just 24 hours.

If the situation seems alarming, Ethereum offers alternative solutions. We refer to another PoW fork based on ETH: the Ethereumfair or ETF. According Analysesthe ETF’s price hit a phenomenal high last week (at $20.59 per unit, or roughly $3.43 million in global trade volume).

Is the crypto market still stable?

This is a fact: crypto offers many advantages. The fact remains that it is exposed day by day to various threats. In a published report Last August, for example, CISA raised an important point: the importance of the transition to post-quantum cryptography.

This American entity points out that in the near future, quantum computers (which want to be more and more powerful and more and more efficient) will succeed in breaking the current public key cryptography algorithm. In other words, crypto platforms will be vulnerable without this “transition”.

Crypto and inflation in the USA: are we talking about it?

Since the Ukraine-Russia war, the inflation rate in the United States has been going up and down. Last I heard, the US Dollar Index (DXY) is at 110.776. During his interview on 60 Minutes, President Joe Biden highlighted the fact that the price of gas had returned to level since March. An answer that greatly displeased economists, especially since the USA recorded the highest inflation rate in 40 years.

Also, the US government had to dip into its strategic oil reserve to bring down the price of oil. An approach that many describe as “financial plunder”. According to the analyses, indeed, a surge in the DXY could be fatal for other countries.

Increased technological evolution, escalation of the Ukraine-Russia war, emergence of new crypto platforms… These are all facts to remember, as they impact the crypto market in a big way.

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