Bitcoin (BTC): More reliable than Google?

When the largest research platform goes down, it’s a global event. Against all expectations, some Google services stopped responding in several countries on the night of August 8. Strangely, bitcoin (BTC) has never had a bug. So would BTC be more reliable than Google?

Server problem on Google?

Technological evolution requires reliable software and intense monitoring. Until now, Google, the largest search engine in the world was known for its efficiency. However, the bug of August 8 calls everything into question. Indeed, some services such as Google Maps, Google Calendar and Google Cloud went down for a few hours.

Reports poured in from everywhere, especially in major American cities like New York and Denver. Indeed, more than 40,000 people in the United States reported that Google was not working for them as of 9:20 p.m. Although the number of complaints decreased over the following hours, the reason for this bug remains unknown. Meanwhile, the widely criticized bitcoin (BTC) has never suffered a breakdown. So what can we think?

BTC, fail-proof?

Bitcoin is widely criticized, but so far it has better features than some companies. Indeed, since its creation, the main cryptocurrency has never faced a breakdown. As a result, one is tempted to wonder if it would be better not to trust BTC. Between strong earning potential and flawless security, we understand better why it interests many personalities.

The breakdown of Google sows doubt. According to the leaders of the firm, it would be a problem of software update. However, other information belies this claim. According to the American television channel Ketv Omaha, it is rather an electrical incident that took place in the Council Bluffs data center in Iowa. Despite all this, the fact remains that Google has failed where bitcoin has remained stable.

The outage that Google has experienced in the past 24 hours somehow puts crypto sympathizers back in the spotlight. Indeed, even if the cause of this bug remains unknown, there is no doubt that bitcoin remains one step ahead. Whether it’s a software update or an electrical incident, bitcoin has never failed.

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