Shiba Inu (SHIB): Apocalypse expected in 2030

The ShibArmy may boast of the merits of the Shiba Inu on all the rooftops, agitate everywhere, but the end of their adventure is already known. A Finder panel including creams from universities, crypto firms and trading, has indeed put forward a date for the collapse of the SHIB. It will be for the year 2030, they predicted.

Shiba Inu in decline? Only 8 years left

For the Finder panel interviewed in May, the Shiba Inu will cease to exist in 2030. That is to say, within 8 years.

By “cease to exist” they mean the fall in value of the SHIB to $0.000000325 on the same date. It will not happen instantly, there will be a gradual collapse for Shiba Inu.

Indeed, respondents predicted prices at:

  • $0.000018750 for the end of the year 2022 (4 zeros);
  • $0.000002500 by the end of 2025 (5 zeros);
  • $0.000000325 for the apocalyptic year of the SHIB, or 6 zeros.

Say that at the period of realization of theinvestigationthe “DogeKiller” was valued at $0.00002029 (4 zeros).

For Matthew Harry, head of funds at DigitalX Asset Management, market maturity will accelerate the demise of Shiba Inu and other memecoins. Dimitrios Salampis, lecturer in fintech at Swinburne University, also shares the same view:

I am of the opinion that all those joke type coins will disappear and make way for real innovation and cryptoassets that can serve appropriate use cases. »

Otherwise, said panel consists of no less important players in the crypto industry and trading. Among others we will cite:

  • Jason Lau (Okcoin);
  • Laurence Newman (Coinmama);
  • Tammy Kahn (BTblock);
  • Fred Schebesta (Finder);
  • Jeremy Cheah (Nottingham Trent University);
  • etc

A total of 36 Fintech experts. What scholars!

Source : Finder

End of SHIB and other data to remember from the investigation

Said survey has identified some variables that will influence the price of SHIB this year. Among them are the hype, approved by 82% of Finder searchers, the integration on brokerage platforms like Robinhood (41%), the launch of ShibaSwap (12%), the burnout and acceptance of SHIBs as a medium. payment (respectively 6%).

The same people felt that April 2022 was a good month for selling SHIB. They were at 73% to make this decision. Only 23% of them endorsed HODL, and 3% were for buying.

What you should remember about the Shiba Inu

You are aware that the Shiba Inu is part of a category of cryptocurrencies called “Memecoin”. Like Dogecoin, it has been assigned the symbol of a Japanese dog, instead of FreeCoin’s abstract objects.

Admittedly, the Shiba Inu, whose end is announced for 2030, does not come up to the size of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana in terms of popularity, but it thrills the hearts of many investors. Yes, the association of memes found on the Internet with these cryptocurrencies pays off in the long run.

Currently, assets like DOGE and SHIB are gradually freeing themselves from their “memecoin” title.

As for Shiba Inu, know that water has flowed under his bridge. You will learn a lot more about it HERE.

Moreover, in our post on the 2e Shiba Inu’s birthday made it possible to learn a lot more about the price development of this cryptocurrency in the manner of a joke. We mentioned there the starting price of the SHIB when it was launched on the 1er August 2020: 0.000000000972241 dollars (9 zeros).

Driven by the mission go to the moon », the various actors of the Shiba ecosystem have made sure to eliminate zeros during these 2 years of existence. Currently, we are at 4 zeros, with the price at $0.00001222 at the time of writing this article (Source: CoinGecko).

Granted, the current price is way off the valuation of SHIB’s price during the Finder survey, roughly halfway, but as of now, or about 3 months, SHIB seems to be doing well. And we communicate a lot around the SHIB at 1 cent. To forget the possibility of an apocalypse for Shiba Inu or to play a bad trick on fate? To say that the apocaelyptic price of SHIB has 6 zeros. Something to make a ShibArmy worthy of the name laugh.

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