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All blockchains based on the Ethereum (ETH) virtual machine can now use Core, a Web3 browser extension. Core enhances the multi-chain user experience by supporting switching between all major blockchains including Avalanche, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

No more using multiple Web3 browser extensions!

The new functionality of the Core browser extension will make it much easier to use Web3. Indeed, Web3 users have until now been forced to use multiple browser extensions. It was necessary to stay active on several blockchains at the same time. This impaired the user experience, as each extension has its own constraints in terms of performance and usability. The use of several extensions at the same time slows down the search and access to dApps in particular. It complicates the performance of simple tasks, which can ultimately infuriate the user.

That said, Core is a extension of free Web3 browser launched by Ava Labs not long ago. Founded by computer scientists at Cornell, Ava Labs makes it easy to build dApps from the Avalanche blockchain. And Core was especially designed to meet the basic, but also advanced, needs of Web3 users.

Nick Musallem, Product Manager at Ava Labs, said:We don’t think it should be that hard for people to manage their assets or switch dApps and networks on the fly. It’s time to make Web3 more accessible for those new to cryptocurrencies and to live up to the UX standards that Web2 has taught us to expect.»

Ava Labs has added a new feature to the Web3 Core browser extension. With this feature, Web3 users will have full control over all of their cross-chain assets and NFTs. They will be able to easily access their favorite Web3 dApps as well as projects and communities on different blockchains.

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