Bitcoin (BTC) decryption and cryptos in the Senate

Bitcoin and cryptos symposium in the Senate: in collaboration with Senator Nathalie Goulet, the Digital Scouts proposed a day of “crypto decryption” on October 3. We can only welcome this initiative which allows senators and parliamentary assistants who wish to discuss with crypto experts and get informed.

UDI Senator Nathalie Goulet is very active in the regulation of crypto-assets. It seems important to him to draw up an inventory of the potentially fraudulent use of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (laundering, financing of terrorism). Of course, nothing better than to surround yourself with cryptocurrency specialists to raise awareness among the actors in the political world who will be responsible for legislating. Author of the book ” the primer on terrorist financing », our senator from Orne, not lacking in humor, had brought a crypto-camembert from Normandy to adorn the buffet. And he had great success.

let's decrypt senate cryptos

The program concocted by the digital scouts

Bertrand Lenotre, Damien Douani and Fabrice Epelboin, digital scouts, offered an exciting program with well-known guests from the cryptosphere. Under the leadership of Nathalie Goulet, participants were able to familiarize themselves with or deepen their knowledge of bitcoin (BTC), blockchain, DEFI and even Ethereum (ETH). We will be able to attend this colloquium later on the Youtube channel of Madame Goulet in the coming days.

bitcoin senate digital scouts
The symposium took place in the magnificent little restored chapel at the Luxembourg Palace.

Legislating on cryptocurrencies is necessary, doing it with advice from recognized experts is even better. For many politicians who are not yet familiar with the cryptosphere, these initiatives are very important. You can listen to podcasts from digital scouts on their site and follow Madame Goulet on his Twitter feed. As for the cryptocamembert, it was made by the Gillot cheese factoryin the department of Orne of course.

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