Bitcoin and CBDC: What path to security?

The crypto sector is divided between two giants: Bitcoin, sovereign of decentralization, and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), these newcomers supported by institutions. Faced with the common challenge of cybersecurity, each chooses a different path.

The BRI and the fortification of CBDCs in the face of cyber threats

The BRI, the architect of international finance, deploys a digital shield to defend CBDCs against cyber assaults. Inspired by the breaches in the DeFi universe, the BRI unveiled a seven-step plan for securing CBDCs. it’s about the preparedness, identification, protection, detection, response, recovery and adaptation.

This arsenal of measures aims to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of CBDC transactions. But he is also distinguished by his desire to leave no point of failure, to be able to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and to withstand even the failure of the underlying financial institution.

Bitcoin: the decentralized approach to security

At the opposite end of this spectrum, Bitcoin is distinguished by its structure decentralized and autonomous. Its security lies in its distribution, with a blockchain backed by a global network of miners. This organic and decentralized approach to security is Bitcoin’s strength. In addition, it gives him unique resilience against cyberattacks.

While the BIS emphasizes the need for constant monitoring and an active defense against DDoS attacks, Bitcoin relies on a robust cryptographic protocol and the immutability of its blockchain to ensure transaction security. Its distributed architecture eliminates single points of failure, making mass attacks and fraud particularly difficult.

It is fascinating to see how the BRI and Bitcoin, although operated on different principles, meet on the cybersecurity battlefield. While the BRI organizes an orchestra of structured defenses to secure CBDCs, Bitcoin relies on its decentralized strength to protect itself.

Both of these approaches highlight the importance of security in the evolution of digital finance. Each, in their own way, helps shape the future of money. Moreover, they open up new perspectives in the global financial landscape. Who knows what the future holds for these pioneers of the digital age? Meanwhile, Bitcoin is expanding its reach with Sats Names.

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