ARK reignites the flame of Bitcoin ETFs: $133 million in record inflows in 24 hours!

The ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF saw a massive inflow of $133.1 million on Monday, marking the highest inflow ever for a US spot Bitcoin ETF since March. This success erases the disappointments of past weeks and demonstrates the renewed interest of investors in these innovative products.

A renewed interest in spot Bitcoin ETFs

The spot Bitcoin ETF market in the United States continues its momentum, posting significant inflows at the start of the week. After three consecutive days of outflows last week, investors have once again shown their appetite for these innovative instruments.

According to data from Farside Investors, nearly $170 million was pumped into US spot Bitcoin ETFs over the first two days of the week, with the ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF dominating inflows with $133.1 million.

On May 14 alone, US spot Bitcoin ETFs saw an inflow of $100.5 million, more than offsetting the $50.9 million outflow from Grayscale's GBTC. This renewed interest confirms investors' renewed confidence in these products launched just a few months ago.

Despite massive inflows into ETFs reflecting positive sentiment, the price of Bitcoin remained relatively stable, trading around $62,000 on May 15, with volume down slightly by 15% to $24.65 million. This price resilience is notable in an uncertain economic context, marked by persistent concerns about inflation.

Institutional adoption accelerates

The success of spot Bitcoin ETFs is part of an underlying trend: the growing interest of institutional investors in crypto assets. As we mentioned previously, many financial giants, from JP Morgan to the Bank of Montreal via Wells Fargo, have recently revealed significant positions in various Bitcoin ETFs.

This rush by institutions towards crypto ETFs marks a profound change in perception. Bitcoin, long viewed with suspicion, is on its way to becoming a mainstream financial asset. Experts anticipate an acceleration of this movement with the arrival of long-term investors such as sovereign funds.

In conclusion, the rally in spot ETFs continues, driven by renewed investor confidence. Despite a complex economic environment, the cryptocurrency market is showing resilience. The growing adoption of Bitcoin ETFs by traditional financial institutions confirms the changing status of this innovative asset class, ushering in a new era for digital finance.

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