Aptos (APT) opens the "delegated staking" page

Become blockchain validator asks for solid crypto holdings. Less affluent stakers will have little chance of reaching this status without going through “delegated staking”. And it is this kind of promotion that Aptos has chosen for APT holders.

Aptos brightens up its stakers

Aptos promised several innovations in its stride as Solana Killer. This could go through NFTs if we take into account the recent words of Mo Shaikh, CEO of this blockchain.

And that’s not all. Aptos wants to go even further.

In a publication dated April 22, AMB Crypto revealed that Aptos has moved to delegated staking to reduce the constraints on APT holders. In this way, staking on Aptos will become “ more accessible and user-friendly “.

From now on, investors with 11 APT (around $110) or more can stake on the network. This will allow them to earn staking rewards without having to operate nodes.

To say that previously, it was necessary to have a well-stocked wallet to be able to become a validator on Aptos. 11 million was the amount required of anyone wishing to access this status.

Delegated staking is an important step in our mission to create a more efficient and secure decentralized network. We invite all Aptos users to take advantage of this exciting new feature and earn rewards for securing Aptos. Let’s stake together! “, underlines the administration of Aptos on its official website.

The promise of rewards for those who hold 11 APTs

What will the delegate staker earn?

Generally, delegated staking allows a token holder to participate in validation operations on a blockchain. The concept consists of delegation of its coins to people recognized as validators on Cosmos, Avalanche or Solana.

At Aptos, using a trusted validator name has become a possibility thanks to delegated staking. By choosing this route, APT holders will notably be able to:

  • block their cryptocurrency for predetermined periods without having access to the necessary tools;
  • pay fees in the execution of transaction verification code on Aptos;
  • stake the APT directly on Aptos Explorer or on the staking interfaces of blockchain partners;
  • etc

Other details

The Aptos improvement proposal for staking delegation was proposed and implemented by Bware Labs and received great feedback from the community. It has now been made possible by an on-chain governance proposal. We invite ecosystem partners to develop applications around delegated staking or to propose other contributions to the network “, further specifies the Aptos team.

It should be noted, however, that “greed” has no place in crypto staking, says the CEO of Everstake.

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