Ripple vs SEC: 4 possible scenarios!

Ripple, will it win or lose its lawsuit against the SEC? Many predict a victory for the company behind XRP against the US regulator at the end of this long legal battle. Even Brad Garninghouse, the CEO of Ripple, is very confident.

Ripple CEO Expresses Gratitude

While awaiting the verdict of Judge Torres on the case between Ripple and the SEC, room for speculation. Most of them speak of a victory for Brad Garlinghouse’s company against the financial policeman. And with this story of SEC expert opinions rejected by American justice, the prediction of Imminent bull run of XRP from BitBoy will soon come true.

For Brad Garlinghouse, this victory, although not yet officially pronounced, deserves to be savored. Reason why he addressed this thank you tweet to the XRP community for his unwavering support.

Words of thanks from Brad Garlinghouse

I was thrilled to meet so many people from the XRP community at #XRPLasVegas 2023 – the camaraderie is remarkable (and an amazing personal feeling compared to Twitter!). This community supported the Ripple team while we fought the good fight… I cannot adequately express my gratitude. »

The photos illustrating this post from Ripple’s CEO chronicle his time at theXRP Las Vegas 2023 event. As a reminder, this meeting which brought together members of the XRP community took place on May 6 and 7.

For this first edition, the organizer and founder of Digital Perspective, Bradley Kimes, brought together creams of the crypto-sphere like lawyer John Deaton and Brad Garlinghouse.

A blunder signed John Deaton concerning the dates

When you’re a lawyer like John E Deaton, followed by 264,000 people on Twitter, and pro-crypto on top of that, you have to make as few mistakes as possible on social media. But since the Crypto Law founder is a regular in US courts, he argued that the judge will rule in favor of Ripple around May 6.

Deaton’s details

Show me where I said I guaranteed anything. I said that if you averaged Justice Torres’ previous summary judgment decisions from her Daubert decisions, you have 60 days, which would be May 6th. I said ‘I’ll be a little surprised if the decision isn’t made by then, but not shocked’ “.

3 more days until John E Deaton’s XRP lawsuit prediction fails. He’s becoming the new Baba Cugs, except he actually has a degree from an accredited college. »

Note that the same Deaton proposed an out-of-court settlement with the SEC, even if Ripple wins.

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