AI: Tech giants set up the Frontier Model Forum

Concerns about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence have been felt since the launch of ChatGPT. Indeed, they got even deeper when Google launched its AI, Bard. To reassure public opinion, Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and AI startup Anthropic made an announcement on July 26. According to the announcement, they would form the Frontier Model Forum, a new industry watchdog group to help regulate the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

CoinTelegraph on Twitter relaying the news that Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and AI startup Anthropic have announced the establishment of the Frontier Model Forum.

What will the Frontier Model Forum consist of?

Some big tech companies have announced the creation of the Frontier Model Forum. As reminded CoinTelegraph, the purpose of this forum is to ensure that the development of AI models is done in a “safe and responsible” way. The statement comes in a context in which the world’s governments are already taking strong measures to regulate the development and deployment of AI.The Forum will be a vehicle for cross-organizational discussions and actions on AI safety and accountability ” underlines the press release.

The Frontier Model Forum will ultimately help advance research on AI safety. Thus, by pooling experts in the field on the same platform, we can identify best practices more easily of development. All organizations and governments can join the forum.

Can we keep AI under control?

Brad Smith, President of Microsoft said: Companies creating AI technology have a responsibility to ensure it is safe, secure and remains under human control “. He then adds: This initiative is an essential step in bringing the technology sector together. Thus, this will allow advancing AI responsibly and meet the challenges. »

VP of Global Affairs at OpenAI, Anna Makanju said, “ It is essential that AI companies, especially those working on the most powerful models. They have to find common ground and farea advancing thoughtful and adaptable security practices. Thus, this will allow of ensure that powerful AI tools have the broadest possible benefits. »

In short, the establishment of a mechanism to regulate AI through the Frontier Model Forum was very fast. This is surely due to the danger of its irresponsible deployment. On his side, the crypto industry has long been calling for the same for digital assets. Are we to understand that crypto-currencies are not such a serious matter in the eyes of leaders?

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