A crypto enthusiast vying for the presidency of the House of Representatives!

Tom Emmer is one of the American politicians most committed to defending the interests of the crypto industry. Several times in recent months, this key player in the House of Representatives has castigated what he considers to be regulatory relentlessness by the SEC against the crypto industry. The prospect of seeing him at the head of the House of Representatives could be considered a victory for firms in this sector.

Tom Emmer, candidate to change American regulatory dynamics?

In the United States, the high-profile American representative, Tom Emmer, wants to lead the House of Representatives. This politician, known for his commitment to crypto, made his candidacy for this prestigious position official this Saturday, October 21.

The new can only delight the players in the crypto ecosystem that Tom Emmer actively defended against the regulatory rigors of the SEC. It is therefore quite natural that they anticipate the key role that this 62-year-old politician could play if he is appointed to this position.

Speaking about his candidacy, Tom Emmer wanted to be clear. “I will always be honest and straightforward with all of you, even if we disagree. I will never make a promise I can’t keep.”did he declare.

We can imagine that once at the head of the institution, Tom Emmer would support, with the determination he is known for, crypto regulations that are still in their infancy in the United States. The latter nevertheless indicated that these are not the only ones to appear on his political agenda.

Not just crypto as a leitmotif!

The other point on which Tom Emme has been clear is regarding his political calendar. Its commitment goes well beyond the field of cryptos. Reflecting on the tumultuous months that have passed, the representative identified a myriad of pressing issues affecting the country.

Among these, the problem of the constant increase in debt and the economic difficulties that the United States is going through. Not to mention a hesitant foreign policy from Uncle Sam’s country and the open borders crisis.

Tom Emmer is committed to using his political clout to help resolve these issues. This, by proposing tangible solutions, applicable in a relevant and responsible manner. In any case, this is the commitment he made to his colleagues in the House of Representatives.

At the moment, we obviously know little about Tom Emmer’s chances of achieving this goal. What we can be certain of, however, is that this prospect is fundamentally refreshing for the crypto industry.

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