A candidate for the presidency of the United States will be at the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami

The queen of cryptos will be highlighted at the world’s largest event dedicated to cryptos. Robert Kennedy Jr, candidate for the American presidential election, will hold a conference on Bitcoin there. Being a true Bitcoiner, his participation in the event is crucial for his campaign.

Kennedy Jr present at the Bitcoin 2023 conference

Robert F. Kennedy Jr will choose a particular location for his first public appearance as a candidate for the US presidential election. This is a crypto conference in Miami that is none other than the world’s largest event dedicated to Bitcoin. This candidate has always been an advocate for Bitcoin and the crypto sector. His participation in the event is crucial because it is an opportunity to engage in conversation with the voting population.

Although many Democrats do not share his views on cryptos, he could appeal to many supporters. Brandon Green, an organizer of the conference, said they made the proposal to Kennedy because of his positive comments about the Bitcoin industry. He adds that the candidate will not be paid for his participation. Stefanie Spear, Kennedy’s press secretary, also said he would not accept speaker fees for events held as part of his bid for the 2024 election.

BTC is a “major driver of innovation

According to Kennedy, the bitcoin industry is a major driver of innovation that can be used in the fight against authoritarian governments. It facilitates transactions outside the scope of central authorities, he explains. It is, among other things, according to him, a lifeline for popular movements around the world.

However, skeptics had previously expressed concerns about the role of the cryptocurrency industry in climate change. For environmentalists, Bitcoin is a major contributor to the phenomenon of climate change. For example, Bitcoin mining in 2021 alone consumed more energy than all of Argentina.

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