4 billion dollars offered in crypto airdrops in 2024!  Here are the next opportunities!

Crypto airdrops are still making waves in 2024, attracting more and more attention in the cryptocurrency space. Several projects particularly stand out in this trend, with downright impressive figures which suggest significant gains for users. As the year progresses, the excitement around airdrops shows no signs of slowing down, still promising many surprises and opportunities for participants.

Rain of billions in the crypto industry

Crypto airdrops have already distributed more than $4 billion to users in 2024, while the year is still far from over. Airdrops are in reality free distributions of tokens by crypto projects, often intended to reward early adopters or transfer governance to community members. Among the most notable this year, Jupiter, Starknet and Notcoin stand out by having each distributed around $1 billion in tokens. Other crypto projects, such as Wormhole, Ether.fi, FriendTech and Wen, based on the Solana and Ethereum blockchains, also participated in this financial windfall by distributing substantial sums.

Historically, some of the biggest airdrops have been made by well-known projects like Uniswap, Apecoin, and dYdX. According to a report by CoinGecko, the total value of airdrops through December 2023 was $26.6 billion, considering the highest prices of the tokens. If we include 2024 airdrops at their peak values, the total amount reaches $34 billion. These figures illustrate not only the scale of the airdrop phenomenon, but also their significant impact on the crypto ecosystem.

Many opportunities to come in 2024

The year 2024 still holds great opportunities for cryptophiles, as several airdrops are planned for the coming months. Starting next week, Ethereum's Layer 2 network, ZKsync, will perform its long-awaited airdrop. In June, it will be the turn of Zeta Markets, a decentralized exchange based on Solana, to distribute its tokens.

Meanwhile, the EigenLayer restaking protocol on Ethereum has already begun its airdrop, although the tokens will not be transferable until later this year. Additionally, LayerZero, a cross-chain messaging protocol, is also preparing to launch its airdrop, although the precise date is not yet set. These events show that crypto projects continue to use airdrops as an effective way to engage their community and encourage adoption.

These free distributions of tokens represent not only a boon for users, but also a challenge for projects, which must ensure the fairness of the distribution. Indeed, with the increase in airdrop farmers, these users who attempt to manipulate the system with multiple wallets, the selection criteria are becoming more and more rigorous. Despite these challenges, airdrops continue to be a popular strategy for crypto projects, offering both significant financial rewards and increased community participation.

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