“The bigger the crypto regulations, the better for Coinbase”

The national debate around cryptos has recently intensified in the United States. Lawmakers and regulators in Washington are considering new rules for the industry after the various issues the industry has faced in recent months. Coinbase, one of the benchmark platforms in the crypto exchange does not want to be the rest.

The Politics to Succeed in Coinbase’s Economic Mission

On September 14, the American crypto exchange, Coinbase, announced the addition of new features to its application. These will help users assess legislators, especially in relation to public policies related to cryptos. They will allow consumers of exchange services to register to vote in the United States. Among other things, they will be able to follow political events.

The information was confirmed by CEO Brian Armstrong. The manager clarified on Twitter that this approach is part of the assignment of business which is to increase economic freedom.

“Crypto advocacy is very important to our mission to increase economic freedom around the world. Coinbase will do its part to help. But the crypto community is much bigger than Coinbase. Hopefully we can all rally together to engage elected leaders and drive sensible policies. »he explained.

On social networks, the move was applauded by a large number of members of the crypto community. Others see it as a rapprochement “unhealthy”, suggesting that exchange executives stay out of politics. This, especially since with the new features, the company wants to help pro crypto candidates to raise funds.

The move comes days after Coinbase-backed organization Crypto Action Network released a scorecard assessing the crypto records of members of Congress. In reality, the group seeks to influence lawmakers in Washington. It should be noted that Congress strives to understand and regulate the fintech industry.

In a democracy, young people and vulnerable sections of society are often encouraged to take an interest in and participate in politics because the decisions made by legislators inevitably affect them. This is understood by Coinbase, which seeks to influence the national debate on cryptos in the United States. This, through the provision to its users of public policy assessment tools and decision-making tools.

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