120 archive photos of the weekly Paris Match sold as NFT

NFT numbers have exploded in recent years. In 2021 alone, this market grew by 21,350%. If since last year the industry has been affected by the underperformance of cryptos, it has become an important growth gateway for the art world. Players in the sector intend to continue to use it as a lever for growth.

A first for Paris Match

The French weekly celebrity news magazine Paris Match has made a historic entry into the NFT industry. The media announced, on January 19, the first operation in its history on the NFT market. She put on exclusive sale, archive photos taken by her former photographer Jean-Claude Deutsch.

“We found in the magazine’s photo archives shots taken by Jean-Claude Deutsch, former Paris Match photographer, whom we are very happy to have offered for sale in NFT, in partnership with Focus Bloc”, said Gwenaëlle de Kerros, Paris Match’s Director of Development.

A first for Paris Match

120 of these photographs sold at the price of 0.5 ETH per piece, in the space of only 4 hours. The operation was carried out through a drop of 120 NFTs, on the focusbloc.io site. This drop focused on vintage photography, this dimension of photographic art which is expressed through photos taken with a non-digital camera, analog in particular.

40 years of perspectives

This project is unique because it retraces the 40 years of professional experience of Jean-Claude Deutsch at Paris Match. A rich journey during which the artist rubbed shoulders with and immortalized some of the greatest celebrities of our time, thanks to his photos.

The latter also reveal the most personal details of these stars with whom the photographer maintained privileged relations in the context of his activities. Thus, from Sylvester Stallone to Schwarzenegger, via Brigitte Bardot or Catherine Deneuve, this project highlights a variety of special slides that would delight any enthusiast.

The collection called “Iconic models of the past” is available on the secondary market of the Focus Bloc platform.

Note that the materialization of this project announced a little over a week ago, testifies to the many possibilities that the blockchain and NFTs offer to artists. More and more, they plan to make this technology the ally of their growth.

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