🟠 LIVE Avalanche Summit - Day 2: Emin Gün Sirer and AVAX in Barcelona

After a particularly successful event last year, Avalanche returns with its famous Avalanche Summit in Barcelona, ​​the Catalan capital. As always, Avalanche thinks big and Tremplin.io is happy to bring you all the important news and information straight from the heights of Barcelona into the heart of beautiful Poble Español. After our live yesterday, let’s go for day 2!

Second Day: The Avalanche Summit wakes up and launches the discussions

After a first day rich in discussions, interviews and exchanges under the various tents of the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona, ​​the second day promises to be rich in information. After a late Catalan launch, where some really needed a coffee to recover from the after parties organized by the various partners of the Avalanche Summit, the discussions resumed on the 4 stages.

The streets of Barcelona during the avalanche summit

Gaming is the order of the day

Two discussions were held in parallel on topics related to gaming. The future of gaming investing, from a VC industry perspective »at the Avalanche Summit theater, with many ecosystem speakers such as Brian Johnson of Republic Capital and Tekin Salimi of dao5, where we could learn more about ways to detect investment opportunities, looking at the impact of the community, the utilities of the tokens and any challenges that can block investment from VCs.

Speaking of users, on the main stage, there are 5 experts around the subject: Usability-focused design, bringing gamers to the world of Web3 ». Here, many topics are discussed, including the thorny issue of the transition from Web2 to Web3, often creating a hybrid gaming system where it is difficult to know which of Web2 or Web3 will emerge victorious. Andy Adams of Stardust reminds us that the most important point remains to ensure an optimal transition and the least possible friction in the game and in the investment. Andy points out that if the user is not even aware that the digital assets are on-chain, then the friction is the lowest. Only developers should worry about this type of problem.

Carlos Roldan from Elixir Games also explains the importance of community strength and how to build a real gaming community. Because once you get to the level of the Bored Apes, anything is possible from the developers.

Finally, interoperability remains one of the major subjects for users and developers. Pie from Kingdom Studios tells us about the “castle” in the Defi Kingdom, a place where it is possible to learn more about the partners who come to build in the Defi Kingdom subnet and therefore create interoperability. The solution isn’t perfect, but it’s a start.

rue de barcelona for the avalanche summit

To end the morning, before opening lunch, we go to the Monastery, at the top of a small hill, to discuss the bridges between bitcoin and the Avalanche ecosystem. Whether bridges by wrapping or other, the subject remains very complicated. Jaz Gulati, the creator of Catalog, shows us the demo of his future BTC-AVAX bridge, through an integrated wallet. The watchword is to make bitcoin more useful, to be able to buy NFTs “directly” in BTC, to offer more to the community, and above all, in a super simplified way. Bridges are a fascinating subject, because much remains to be done to create real fluidity for the user while guaranteeing an optimal price and security. More information in our article dedicated to bitcoin on Avalanche to be published.

Jaz Gulati, the creator of Catalog, avalanche summit
Jaz Gulati, the creator of Catalog

Let’s get into the technical

Right after the tapas lunch, it’s the turn ofAvascan, one of Avalanche’s explorers, to surprise us. In theater, the teams announce a new vision for the Web3 explorer market. In order to create a real 360 degree vision around the ecosystem of Avalanche subnets, Giacomo Barbieri, COO of Avascan, presents us in exclusivity ICE, the one-click explorer for subnet. This concept perhaps marks the beginning of a new era for the multi-chain blockchain explorer and represents a major step forward in providing users with a seamless and efficient way to navigate the rapidly changing world of app-chains and apps. next-generation blockchain networks.

Giacomo Barbieri from Avascan avalanche summit
Avascan’s Giacomo Barbieri

Now let’s dive into tokenization, one of the most important topics in Web3. Especially for Avalanche, which defines itself as the expansion tool for the tokenization of real assets. One of the most important points made by Karn Saroya de Re is the importance of transparency in insurance management. Bringing insurance on-chain is a way to ensure better cash flow management, as well as enhanced control for regulators who can see transactions in real time. Anurag Soin of ANZ Bank believes that managing many off-chain assets remains quite complicated and not very fluid. Tokenization is therefore one of the solutions that could change the system. Liquidity is also one of the key topics that could lead many financial entities to enter the tokenization sector, according to Pat Hourigan. The founder of DEFYCA, a frictionless marketplace, believes that we will soon see a surge in liquidity once confidence in tokenization from major financial players builds.

End of the second day

The second day ends with a number of particularly interesting lectures. First of all, we find in the room dedicated to Subnets a discussion on over-tokenization. We can thus see that the subjects are really worked on, because some experts will go to the confrontation on such important subjects.

During the discussion, Cathy Yoon of MPCH stresses the importance of studying the why of tokenization. What is the goal, what is the audience, is it just speculation or something bigger? If these questions are not answered, then it is difficult to know why tokenize an asset.

MPCH's Cathy Yoon at a conference
MPCH’s Cathy Yoon and other speakers at a conference on over-tokenization

The speakers then exchange on a central subject, with time, everything will theoretically be tokenizable. But if not everything has to be, in a decentralized world, it is impossible to control who tokenizes what and how. This creates a complicated situation for developers as well as for regulators and users. Dexalot’s Tim Shan takes a step back and explains that the central point is to know who will be on the buying and selling side of a tokenized asset, in 1, 2, 5 years and thus think about a 360 vision of tokenization.

To end on a high note, before asking the difficult question of which after party to choose in the sunny Catalan capital, we find ourselves one last time at the Monastery, where Anusha Chillara, developer at Ava Labs, explains to us how to create her own customized blockchain on Avalanche! Just that.

However, this conference, much more technical than expected, remains difficult to summarize, but the enthusiasm in the room and the presence of a lot of developers show that the will and possibility of creating your own blockchain has never been so strong. ! To do this, Ava Labs has created Precompiles, a kind of use case toolbox for blockchain development. The future of Subnet-EVMs is therefore bright. With Precompiles, it is possible to add functionality and customization to Subnet-EVMs. Tomorrow we will explore more about the possibilities on Subnets and how Ava Labs sees them evolving.

The precompiles

Tremplin.io had the opportunity to chat with Anusha Chillara who gave us her two best reasons to create a Subnet.

First of all, for institutions, it’s the best way to have a blockchain fully compliant with the country’s regulations, with the guarantee of having Avalanche-level security. Second, the gaming world, as we’ve seen in these discussions, is very present on Avalanche and in the Subnets. Indeed, it is possible, relatively easily, to have good management of gas costs, security and fluidity for the user.

We thus end the second intense day. Between lectures, you can test your thinking skills through games of chess, admire the city of Barcelona from the hills and even have your photo taken with a professional photographer to improve your superb LinkedIn profile. . Thank you for following us for this superb second day of the Avalanche Summit, see you tomorrow!

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