You now have the option to gift crypto with Metacard

We experience the gift every day. It stems from a timeless and universal need that is expressed differently depending on the era. Before the web, was limited to the physical gift. Thanks to digitization, digital gift cards have become part of our habits. At the dawn of a new digital era, blockchain technology is changing our habits and offers endless possibilities. However, as disruptive as an innovation is, it must be able to have a useful impact on us. It is in this context that METACARD takes us into Web3 with its solution of digital assets in gift cards. You will now be able to offer cryptocurrencies and NFTs with ease. Thus, this platform meets a real need and therefore brings an innovative use case to cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Gift cards, a popular industry

Gift cards or e-gift cards are not only utilitarian. They are at the heart of a real industry that is on the rise. Indeed, according to a report published by the analyst Research and Markets, the gift card market is now estimated at 845 billion dollars with an estimated growth rate of 19%. For good reason, the health crisis linked to Covid-19 has facilitated its growth. Thus, the market should reach 2021 billion dollars in 2027, a fabulous boon for e-commerce.

Popular with millennials or digital natives and businesses, gift cards offer freedom of choice, are easy to use and flexible. For millennials, they meet their need for immediacy and guarantee a unique shopping experience. For companies, in addition to being a means that enriches the customer journey and builds loyalty, they are also used as a reward for their employees.

The new gift revolution with METACARD

METACARD is a platform that works to optimize the gift experience through tokenization. It is a space where individuals, creators, brands, companies can offer cryptocurrencies and NFTs in greeting cards and gifts. This is what Shaban Shaame CEO of EverdreamSoft, member of the Advisory Board, explains to us in this video:

METACARD presents itself as a 360-degree utility solution since it is both a custodial wallet, a no-code tokenization platform and a marketplace that integrates the management of the gift experience. METACARD offers an ecosystem whose solutions are adapted to each need: All-In-One NFT Solution, Giftaverse and Smart Crypto Gift.

All-In-One NFT Solution for Engaged Communities

The objective of this solution is to foster innovative interaction between creators, influencers, brands and their communities. The goal is simple, the project wishes to highlight the ease of use and reduce the barriers of technology. Brands, designers, artists and event organizers can stay focused on their core business. Thanks to this solution, all users are able to offer innovative offers to their community.

The All-In-One solution is a no-code platform, a turnkey solution as well as an intuitive user interface to facilitate accessibility. No specific coding or crypto knowledge is required to create an NFT. Users can easily wrap solutions without resorting to coding.

All-In-One NFT Solution facilitates the creation and management of NFTs through two components:

  • A tokenization module

It makes it possible to create, mint and deploy NFT gifts with the integration of functionalities whose uses are both real and virtual. These can be discounts in physical or online stores, VIP access, membership, etc.

  • An authentication and token-gating module

Thanks to this module, physical stores and online stores integrate NFT payment. In addition, it helps authenticate the ownership of NFTs as well as the validity of the offer. These integrators are available for all levels of technical expertise. Indeed, they can range from API, plugins to turnkey solutions (one click solution).

Giftaverse for efficient management of the gift experience

Beyond being a marketplace, Giftaverse offers a range of practical tools for managing the gift experience. With NFT Gift Experience, it will be possible thanks to a business suite to carry out actions such as:

  • customize shops in the marketplace
  • design your dashboard with relevant activity indicators
  • plan specific offers in advance
  • create personalized loyalty programs.

The potential of Giftaverse does not stop there, however. The solution will also provide a module for creating personalized marketing/advertising campaigns which will be backed by a Data Intelligence tool. Its users can thus develop data-driven strategies in order to obtain efficient results in terms of customer acquisition, retention and return on marketing investment. But what is it really for the end user?

The value proposition of METACARD

Behind this innovative platform, there is an advisory board whose members’ legitimacy is well established, like Bilel EL Alamy CTO of Dogami, PaulCryptoformation and Guillaume Rostand President of French Tech Barcelona and CMO of Liligo. By the way, METACARD came recently got the first place in the event “pitch my startup” organized by My global village as part of the film market at the 2022 cannes festival.

METACARD offers real ease of use accessible to all thanks to the custodial wallet. The service offers a wealth and diversification of offers within its marketplace. A gamified universe with the “Gift & Earn” loyalty program, but also the possibility of personalizing your space thanks to the “smart crypto gift” section.

Why offer cryptos or NFTs?

A new gift economy has been created with METACARD. However, the spirit of the gift experience is preserved, since users can always accompany their gifts with personalized messages.

Based on the utility of the digital asset, METACARD has the advantages of traditional gift cards while taking advantage of the innovations offered by the blockchain.

Indeed, offering cryptos can be convenient compared to cash. They can be used internationally, without restriction of borders for sending and receiving. Gifts can be delivered anywhere in the world and at any time. Similarly, cryptos are characterized by a considerable advantage in terms of cost and ease of use compared to the means of payment of traditional finance.

NFTs can be related to various fields, whether it’s art, music, sport or cinema to name a few. They thus offer a range of choices for the selection of a gift. NFTs can even grow in value or provide access to preferential benefits or exclusives to its holders. METACARD therefore helps to connect creators, brands and companies to their communities by facilitating the acquisition and retention of customers through the gift experience.

An offer ahead of its time?

Despite these practical benefits available to digital assets, the fact remains that their use still seems complex for the greatest number. The general adoption of a new technology does not often meet with everyone’s support in its infancy. This was the case with the internet in the 90s. This is now the case with cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which still remain very abstract in most of the collective imagination. This is why METACARD offers, thanks to its platform, a simple and easy handling for all its users.

No prior blockchain knowledge is required for users. METACARD is also a friendly platform that allows you to combine the use of digital assets with the experience as pleasant as offering a gift. As a result, it democratizes the use of cryptocurrencies as well as NFTs and attracts a new audience to digital assets.

Moreover, it will be possible for the end-of-year celebrations to offer cryptos and NFT customizable greeting cards to loved ones.

To conclude

METACARD uses the power of the gift experience to facilitate adoption of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Thus, it presents itself as a solution that combines business with pleasure. To this end, it contributes to removing the barriers to entry into the Web3. This platform meets the expectations of its contemporaries with a committed and innovative gift experience. A new era in the gift experience is therefore beginning with METACARD, which recently organized the week of the metaverse in partnership with the RATP. Get ready to give or receive cryptos and NFTs as gifts. For those who still have any apprehension, you just have to remember that a gift, it does not refuse.

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