WorldCoin: a revolutionary crypto project?

WorldCoin is an ambitious project that has not failed to attract the attention of the crypto industry since its announcement. According to CoinFund, WorldCoin could allow a wider distribution of cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin. The protocol already has millions of users before its launch. Despite the controversy surrounding Sam Altman’s project, there’s no denying the excitement it’s arousing in the crypto-sphere.

Better access to cryptocurrency markets

WorldCoin is a project created by Sam Altman, CEO of the artificial intelligence company OpenAI. This project proposes to build a system capable of creating a much wider distribution of cryptocurrencies in the world. It could enable billions of users to access cryptocurrency markets, said CoinFund partner Austin Barack.

For your information, Worldcoin is first and foremost an identity protocol to verify that users are unique and human through various tools. Examples include iris scanners, artificial intelligence, and zero-knowledge proofs. At launch, the protocol switches from Polygon to Optimism which is a layer 2 scaling solution of Ethereum. Users had to update their apps. This, in order to create Optimism wallets and transfer their beta tokens to the new blockchain.

Worldcoin, a controversial project that arouses enthusiasm

Launched Monday, the project has been criticized by some for privacy issues and over token symbolism. But anyway, Worldcoin already had more than two million verified users worldwide before the launch. By the way, 941,000 World App wallets have already been created at the time of writing. According to Altman, one person registers every eight seconds in the world.

CoinFund invested in Worldcoin in February 2021 alongside big companies like a16z and Multicoin Capital. Global vision and Web 3-driven technology are the qualities of Worldcoin that attracted CoinFund, said Brukhman, CEO of CoinFund. The fact that the token is not yet available in the United States due to regulatory issues does not bother him, he adds.

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