WineChain and wiNeFT, this sparkling concept of NFT marketplace!

At least fifteen major estates have already been able to join the list of spirits producers seduced by WineChain’s wiNeFTs. This independent marketplace, which used to offer a non-fungible token for each physical bottle purchased, has just extended its list. According to the latest news, Louis Roederer, Egon Müller and Cos d’Estournel have just added to the list of domains won over by WineChain’s Web3 formula.

WineChain, another path taken by wine and champagne

Last September, the Cardano Foundation reached out to several players in the Georgian wine sector to set up a solution backed by the eponymous blockchain. This agreement will notably authorize a pilot program supported by Scantrust which will put 100,000 bottles on sale next spring. Above all, it will focus on the transparency of the entire value chain of Georgian wines. Affixing QR codes to bottles is one of its strategies.

Louis Roederer also gets into NFTs

Louis Roederer champagne is at the head of a new NFT wine sales platform.

Louis Roederer, Cos d’Estournel and Egon Müller are among the prestigious domains that have joined an NFT marketplace called WineChain. »

Monday, February 6, Decanter reported that Maison Louis Roederer has joined the NFT WineChain marketplace. The latter being a direct-to-consumer sales platform authorizing the acquisition of a non-fungible token with each acquisition of a bottle from a winery included in its list.

Wines, spirits and NFT marketplace

The attraction of large houses like Louis Roederer for WineChain is explained by:

  • the promise of transparency regarding product traceability;
  • the attraction of other prestigious domains for its NFT marketplace;
  • transparency and accessibility of transactions;
  • the opening of the market for new generations such as GenZ or Millennials.

Through this initiative, WineChain is resolutely committed to offering this disruptive technology, based on the blockchain, to all the châteaux, estates and Champagne houses whose search for excellence is permanent and continuous. », says Antoine Pétrus, director of major international domains at WineChain.

It should also be noted that the list of new entrants to WineChain also includes two other champagne houses: Cos d’Estournel and Egon Müller.

Since its creation in the last quarter of 2022, the WineChain platform has already been able to raise 1 million euros. Also, she was able to bring together several French, Spanish, Italian and German producers. The possibilities offered by NFTs really have something to thrill players in all economic sectors.

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