Will Do Kwon return to Seoul white as snow?

It was recently reported that Do Kwon is preparing to return to Seoul, the country he had to leave after the collapse of Terra. To prepare the ground, he would have hired lawyers from a national law firm. An act that does not agree with his last comments on his possible return from exile.

Towards a return to Seoul of the founder of Terra?

Do Kwon is the boss of Terraform Labs whose stablecoin UST and token LUNA experienced a collapse last May. A situation that put him directly in trouble since this young Stanford graduate had to go into exile in Singapore.

Was he acting out of fear of legal action in South Korean lands? Or did he fear for his life and that of his loved ones? Because there was indeed an attempted intrusion into his home in Seoul just after the crash of Terra.

The author of this act is none other than an unfortunate investor who just wanted reparations for the harm caused by the de-peg of the UST to the dollar.

Recently, Do Kwon came out of his silence. In an interview given to Coining, he wanted to reassure investors. And this despite the heavy losses caused by this reversal of the situation: 40 billion dollars to investors and 500 billion dollars for the cryptocurrency market, according to L’Echo.

Regarding his possible return to South Korea, he pointed out:

It’s a bit difficult to make this decision, because we have never been in contact with the investigators. They never accused us of anything. »

However, just today, Watcher Guru tweeted this:

Do Kwon hires lawyers in South Korea to prepare for the prosecution’s investigation into Terra’s collapse. »

Will Kwon be arrested upon his return?

Most likely! Although he denies the existence of any lawsuit against him after the failure of the project, we know that he does not have such a clean file in the eyes of the South Korean justice system.

Already, there are some allegations that Terra Labs holds the equivalent of $3.6 billion in UST and USDT without any statement being made. Which gave a lead on possible money laundering by Kwon and his entire team.

Terra Labs Undisclosed Funds Flow

Also, it should be mentioned that the hacktivist group Anonymous is after him. They actually sent him this message after the fall of Terra:

Do Kwon, if you listen to us, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to reverse the damage you have caused. At this point, the only thing we can do is hold you accountable and ensure that you are brought to justice as soon as possible. »

In addition, we are not unaware that FatMan has files to reveal to the general public concerning Do Kwon and his acolytes. And there is also Interpol which could intervene if necessary.

Source: Twitter

So, if he were to return to Seoul, he would certainly no longer lead his sweet life there in Singapore.

In short, Do Kwon can act as a motivational coach via his twitter account, take support measures such as forking Terra, etc., but he must prepare for the worst when he arrives in Seoul. If for the moment he denies any form of preparation for returning from exile, it may be his communication strategy. History to temporize the frictions.

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