Web3: Zilliqa unveils the prototype of its new console

Several companies in the blockchain field have decided to reconcile the passion for games with the world of Web3. This is how Zilliqa announced the launch of its Web3 game console for early 2023. The company has also unveiled a prototype.

The Zilliqa console aims to be efficient

On the occasion of the reveal of its new prototype game console, Zilliqa indicated that it aims to “avoid the complexity of Web3 for the end user”. Its new console looks great with a clean design and an array of ports. These have USB-C, USB 3.0, HDMI and Ethernet connections. Zilliqa boasts of console compatibility with Web3 technology and its easy handling.

To design this new tool, Zilliqa engineers spent six months on the research phase. Their goal was simple: integrate Web3 into a memorable gaming experience. Thus, the console makes it possible to support blockchain technology, but not only. There is also crypto mining and other features unique to the digital asset universe.

Players using the console will be able to get Zilliqa tokens by completing a few missions and completing tasks or completing a few quests. In addition, console users “will be able to mine Zilliqa tokens”, which will lead to a greater blockchain decentralization by increasing the number of mining professionals in the world”, notes the company. As for how much players will win, ” it all depends on [leur] performance “.

Zilliqa wants the number of users of its blockchain to increase. To this end, it presented a prototype of its new game console which combines the functionalities of Web3 with those of the blockchain. The objective is to contribute to greater adoption of the blockchain, but also to invite as many people as possible to become specialists in mining the Zilliqa token.

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