Web3: An incubator arrives in Lyon

iExec, the French blockchain player, and H7, a popular place for French Tech in Lyon, are launching the first Web3 incubator in Lyon. Following a call for applications open until September 25, 2022, 3 start-ups will be selected for six-month support. With the creation of this incubator, iExec and H7 aim to support entrepreneurs in the development of their project. It marks the new stage of the Web3 Program launched last March by the two players.

About the actors:


A French blockchain player, iExec has developed a Web3 marketplace for IT resources. iExec’s marketplace allows you to monetize the use of its servers, applications and data, while retaining ownership. iExec combines its technology and expertise at the service of companies to design blockchain and Web3 solutions providing governance, confidentiality and trust. Created in 2016 and based in Lyon, iExec has around forty employees.


H7 is the totem place of French Tech in Lyon. Its mission is to support innovative companies in their growth and impact, and to unite the players in the territory’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Born under the impetus of the consortium between Groupe SOS, Arty Farty, Axeleo and French Tech One Else Lyon St-Etienne in 2019, H7 carries the vision of responsible entrepreneurship where economic efficiency is as important as technology, creativity and societal impact.

Web3 in the spotlight

The term “Web3” refers to a new approach to the Internet, based on blockchain technology and the concept of decentralization. With their respective expertise in Web3, blockchain, as well as in business development, iExec and H7 are joining forces to support the creation and acceleration of Web3 projects with the opening of a dedicated incubator.

Following a call for applications open until September 25, 3 start-ups will be selected by the iExec and H7 teams for a free 6-month support, financed by iExec. Combining the expertise of the two players from Lyon, this incubator will allow start-ups to be supported in all aspects of their development (operational, technical and strategic), from October 2022 to March 2023.

State-of-the-art support

By integrating the incubator, the winning projects will have access to:

● Individual follow-up by the iExec and H7 teams, as well as around ten training courses on issues such as financing, technological and commercial development, the creation of communities, etc.;

● Meetings with leading Web3 players in their field and networking with the local and national entrepreneurial ecosystem;

● Hosting and unlimited access to the tools and resources offered by H7, as well as increased visibility of their project thanks to the communication relay of iExec and H7.

Projects will be selected on the viability of their business model and the technical feasibility of their project.

“As a specialist in blockchain and Web3, one of our objectives is to enable companies to take full advantage of the opportunities of this new approach. of internet. Six months after the start of the Web3 Program, we are happy today to be able to offer 3 start-ups support in the development of their project and to benefit from the support of experts from iExec and H7, as well as our feedback as a French blockchain pioneer”, explains Gilles Fedak, CEO and co-founder of iExec.

A proven partnership

The support for Web3 start-ups with the opening of a dedicated incubator is part of a Web3 Program deployed by iExec and H7 in March 2022. The two players have combined their skills with the signing of a partnership that revolves around two other pillars:

● Make Web3 and blockchain technology accessible through a cycle of monthly conferences at H7.

● Develop new uses within companies by forming a work and reflection group around Web3 for the actors of the territory.

As part of the cycle of conferences and debates, a total of six events bringing together more than 250 participants were held in Lyon, within H7, but also in Paris, on the sidelines of the Viva Technology event.

“Midway through, the rate of participation in the events of the cycle of conferences reflects the interest in the theme dealt with. From multinationals to industrial SMEs, including students and numerous project leaders during the Hackathon organized at H7, the program found a more diverse audience than expected. All express this need to understand how Web3 will transform their daily lives. iExec’s pedagogy responds fully to this”, says Cédric Denoyel, President of H7.

We don’t know about you, but on our side we are in a hurry to see what this promising project will lead to. The future of Web3 depends on its adoption and there is nothing better for that than innovative companies supported by proven and motivated partners like iExec and H7. Stay tuned!

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