Warren Buffett discreetly carries out transactions in Bitcoin!

Warren Buffett, an emblematic investment figure, has often been skeptical of Bitcoin. However, recent events suggest a surprising evolution in his position.

The Buffett Paradox on Bitcoin

Warren Buffett’s past with Bitcoin is tumultuous. The famous investor has several times expressed his skepticism towards the queen of cryptos. He notably described it as a “gaming token” without “intrinsic value”.

This strong position is echoed by his lifelong colleague, Charlie Munger, who portrayed Bitcoin as “the stupidest investment”. However, despite these harsh criticisms, economic reality may well be charting a different path.

Indeed, Bitcoin, in addition to experiencing spectacular price fluctuations, has also attracted increased interest, especially in a context where the US dollar faces threats.

While investors and traders monitor the market in anticipation of a possible financial tremor, Buffett, designates Bitcoin as “rat poison squared”.

However, despite his criticisms, it seems that Buffett never completely closed the door to the crypto universe, once again displaying his genius when it comes to investing.

The Nubank surprise and Warren Buffett’s crypto turnaround

If Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway stock portfolio is anything to go by, a shift appears to be afoot. Buffett’s best-performing investment this year is Nubank, a Brazilian Bitcoin-enabled bank.

Specifically, Berkshire Hathaway injected a sizable sum into Nubank ahead of its initial public offering (IPO), a move that proved to be extremely successful. This investment choice seems contradictory to Buffett’s previous positions. However, Nubank doesn’t just accept Bitcoin; it also launched its own crypto, nucoin.

This commitment and financial performance reveals that, contrary to Buffett’s previous statements, companies adopting Bitcoin and other cryptos may indeed present significant investment opportunities. Would Buffett have been influenced by the inexorable rise of Bitcoin, or is it simply a pragmatic choice?

Warren Buffett’s journey with Bitcoin is captivating, navigating between sharp criticism and pragmatic investments. The point to make is that, despite his claims, the Oracle of Omaha recognizes, whether consciously or not, the potential value of Bitcoin, even if he does not openly admit it.

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