Trezor unveils a “Bitcoin Only” hardware wallet

Trezor has unveiled its latest addition, the Trezor safe 3, a limited edition entirely dedicated to bitcoin.

Trezor Bitcoin Only, the wallet for maximalists

The Czech company, which has already sold more than 1.5 million hardware wallets, unveiled a limited edition of its Trezor during the Amsterdam conference.

One of the versions of this trezor safe has the welcome feature of not being able to host shitcoins. Only a bitcoin wallet can be generated there, which says a lot about the spirit that drives the pioneer of hardware wallets.

Another new feature is that the wallet chip has a secure element (EAL6+). The latter greatly complicates access to the seed without very advanced techniques mastered by very few people.

It is hoped that Tropic Square will soon be able to provide a secure element open sourcelike the rest of the hardware wallet.

Trezor founder Pavol Rusnak said: “To all the hodlers, diamond hands, shrimps, crabs, OG. In 2013, Slush and I created the first hardware wallet. Ten years later, our desire to democratize the security of bitcoins is stronger than ever. To celebrate this decade, we are happy to announce a Bitcoin Only Trezor. […] Bitcoin, not crypto. »

Deliveries will begin from mid-November. Its price is 79 euros. Or 47% cheaper than its competitor Ledger nano X (149 euros).

For each of the 2013 models that will be sold, 21 euros will be donated to promote bitcoin in Africa. Trezor employees go there regularly for its educational initiative.

Note also that Trezor safe offers the coinjoin option which allows you to anonymize your bitcoins after withdrawing them from a KYC exchange…

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