Tornado Cash users can now prove the legality of their funds

US authorities have linked Tornado Cash with money laundering. It has become difficult not to be seen as a bad actor when using this crypto mixer. In this context, Chainway has decided to offer a tool that identifies the right players in complete confidentiality.

A proof of innocence, to prove the legality of the funds

Tornado Cash, which has not ceased to operate despite US sanctions, is associated with crime by authorities. Still, there are good players using the crypto mixer. Faced with this situation, Chainway offers a new open source protocol for proof of innocence. The Web3 product design company announced the launch of the tool in a tweet on January 18.

The good news from Chainway

The Innocence Proof Protocol will allow users to prove that their funds do not come from illegal sources. Chainway explained: “ This innovative tool allows users to prove that their deposits are not from sanctioned or blacklisted addresses. This not only improves system security and reliability, but also protects legitimate users from being associated with illegal activities. “.

A tool that preserves the privacy of Tornado Cash users

With Chainway’s new protocol, users prove the legality of their funds while remaining anonymous. It was designed for any crypto investor wishing to show that they are not a bad actor, without revealing his address. Roman Semenov, the co-founder of Tornado Cash, said: A great way to prove you’re not a bad actor without giving up your anonymity “.

Any legitimate user wanting to use the new protocol must follow two key steps. First, he must provide a list of malicious wallets he does not want to be linked to. Then, thanks to the crypto, it shows that this list does not contain the wallet used to make its deposits.

Chainway said: By providing this proof, users can show that they are not hackers or other bad actors, and can withdraw Tornado Cash with confidence. “. Note that currently users can only use Tornado Cash with peace of mind by providing their wallet address. Yet, this does not match the purpose that using a crypto mixer entails.

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