Top 5 RWA cryptos to watch before the next Halving!

The countdown is on before the next Bitcoin Halving scheduled in 4 weeks, an event that halves mining rewards. While the queen of cryptos is taking a break, a new sector is emerging and attracting all eyes: cryptos backed by real-world assets, called “RWA” (Real-World Assets). Discover the 5 gems of this promising sector that could explode in the coming months.

RWAs, a colossal investment opportunity

RWA, or Real-World Assets, refers to the tokenization of tangible assets like real estate, art or even stocks on the blockchain. Imagine being able to buy a fraction of a building or a work of art with just a few clicks from your smartphone. This is the RWA promise!

This emerging market is already attracting the giants of traditional finance. BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, recently launched a $100 million fund dedicated to RWAs on Ethereum. This is a strong signal that validates the immense potential of this sector.

According to estimates from the Boston Consulting Group, the size of the RWA market could reach a staggering $16 trillion by 2030.

The advantages of RWAs are multiple for investors. They make it possible to make inherently illiquid assets liquid by fragmenting them via tokens.

RWAs increase accessibility by opening up asset classes formerly reserved for the wealthiest to the greatest number. All with the security and transparency of blockchain. The icing on the cake is that tokenization drastically reduces transaction costs compared to traditional processes.

With the massive adoption of cryptos and a regulatory framework emerging, all the lights are green for RWAs. This is why more and more crypto investors are seeking exposure to this future theme. Here is our selection of the 5 most promising RWA cryptos of the moment.

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Let’s start with an essential crypto: Chainlink and its LINK token. His role ? Connecting blockchains to the real world thanks to its “oracles”, which transmit reliable data such as the price of an asset. For RWAs, this is a key element.

With more than 1,500 collaborations, including Google and SWIFT, Chainlink is well positioned to dominate this market estimated at $500 billion. The success of Chainlink and the adoption of RWAs will be key factors for the price movement of LINK in the years to come.

Ondo Finance (ONDO), attractive returns on treasury bills

Imagine being able to invest in US Treasury bonds or monetary assets in just a few clicks thanks to cryptos. This is the value proposition of Ondo Finance, an innovative protocol in the world of RWA (Real World Assets). His Ondo assets? Strict regulatory compliance and strong partnerships with renowned financial institutions.

Its native token, ONDO, is essential to interact with the platform and benefit from its services. Since the start of the month, ONDO’s price has seen impressive growth, doubling its value to reach $0.81 at the time of writing. But the growth potential doesn’t stop there: with capitalization stock of approximately $1.14 billion, ONDO still has significant room to grow as investors discover and adopt the innovative services offered by Ondo Finance.

Centrifuge (CFG): the DeFi platform designed for RWAs

Do you dream of easily “tokenizing” real assets like real estate or debts? This is what Centrifuge allows, by representing them on its blockchain in a few clicks.

Its all-in-one platform offers powerful tools to securitize these tokenized assets and make them accessible to investors. Its CFG token is at the heart of this promising ecosystem.

It enables community governance and aligns the interests of all. With strong partners like MakerDAO and a gigantic marketplace, Centrifugal and its CFG token have a bright future.

Mantra DAO (OM): the blockchain network 100% dedicated to RWAs

Mantra DAO thinks bigger by developing a “Layer 1” blockchain entirely dedicated to the tokenization of real assets, for the general public and institutions. Its strengths: high scalability to manage large volumes, low costs and full compliance with regulations. Enough to seduce the giants of traditional finance!

The OM token is at the heart of this network to pay fees and secure the blockchain. Logically, the stronger the demand for tokenizing real assets, the more OM will benefit. Still little known with a valuation of only $442,546,392 million, this token is a bet for the future on RWA.

Artrade (ATR): when physical art meets NFTs

Let’s finish this top 4 with Artrade, an innovative project that is shaking up the art market by “tokenizing” physical works in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Thanks to its patented technology, Artrade certifies the authenticity of each creation with a tamper-proof electronic chip.

In addition to democratizing access to traditional art, Artrade pays the majority of royalties to artists, much more than galleries, while charging significantly lower fees. A winning model that attracts big names in contemporary art!

The ATR token offers discounts, staking and many other benefits on the platform. With its unique positioning, Artrade could become a key player in Web3 and digital art.


From decentralized oracles to tokenized money markets to digital art, RWA cryptos open up exciting new possibilities. At the dawn of a new bullish cycle, these 5 nuggets offer direct or indirect exposure to a sector that is only just beginning.

As the next Bitcoin Halving approaches, now is the perfect time to look into these projects before big institutions get involved. Of course, remember that tokenization of real assets is still in its infancy. Good diversification and prudent risk management remain essential.

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