Thomas Kralow predicts XRP price surge to $30

After a nearly three-year legal tussle, Ripple finally won its lawsuit against the SEC. Now, on to the growth in the price of XRP. In any case, some analysts see the dynamism of the company’s native crypto strengthening.

Ripple’s win against the SEC would fuel XRP’s rise to $30

Judge Analissa Torres has finally delivered her verdict in the case that has pitted Ripple against the SEC for three years. His decision is final. XRP is not a security, contrary to what the SEC tried to make believe.

This is undoubtedly an absolute victory for Ripple, but also the crypto industry. A success that should grow XRP to New Heights. At least that’s what some experts believe, including Thomas Kralow, founder of Kralow Capital.

According to the specialist, XRP would significantly increase in price to around $30 in the short term. This prospect is linked to the evolution of the legal battle between Ripple and the SEC.

Thomas Kralow’s forecast also builds on the substantial increase in interest from crypto market participants in XRP. The data provided by Google Trends indicates, according to him, an increase in searches related to crypto.

Furthermore, Thomas Kralow’s optimism about XRP is supported by a potential Initial Public Offering from Ripple. The expert thinks that with its victory against the SEC, the company could therefore sell part of its share capital to investors.

This operation would then give them the possibility of becoming shareholders of the company. Which could, in time, contribute to the future growth of Ripple and by extension, of its native crypto.

The latter therefore has a bright future ahead of it. Especially since since February 2023, whales have amassed around 1.1 billion XRP. This figure represents an investment of nearly $570 million. The next few months will tell if they were right.

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