The price of bitcoin (BTC) over $1 million: Cathie Wood persists and signs

For the past few months, the bitcoin (BTC) market has been dynamic. Cathie Wood is convinced of the stronger evolution of the asset price in the coming months. It predicts that the valuation of BTC will exceed $1 million.

A target of at least $625,000 for BTC according to Cathie Wood

For several months, crypto expert Cathie Wood has been hammering it: the price of bitcoin will soar. The boss of the crypto firm Ark Invest had already announced her forecasts for the valuation of the asset.

This one should, according to her, reach a price of $500,000, in the short term. By the end of the decade, she sees BTC peaking at $1.5 million. Although this projection seems crazy in view of the current circumstances, the expert still believes in it fervently. In a recent interview, the manager also reiterated her faith in her predictions about bitcoin. She believes that at the end of the day, BTC would reach a target of around $625,000.

“Our bullish scenario, I think it’s $1,500,000 a coin. The best-case scenario is $625,000 or something like that,” said Ark Invest manager.

As she said before, her outlook is underpinned by the enhanced status bitcoin is gaining in the financial market. Increasingly, she explains, crypto is seen by investors as a bulwark against counterparty risk.

Added to this, the increased interest of financial behemoths like BlackRock, there is a change in the perception of the asset. In fact, bitcoin is now seen as a financially attractive option, especially for institutional investors.

In addition, Ripple’s recent victory against the SEC is part of this reinforced optimism of the expert. Like some analysts, Cathie Wood believes this development is potentially good news for Coinbase.

The crypto firm is under the wrath of the SEC and has announced that it will fight with the last energy against the regulator. We imagine that the court decision favorable to Ripple could give it the means. She gives him, in any case, a lot of hope.

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