Crypto: Blockchain for social plans?

Argentina is one of the countries in South America that invest heavily in cryptos. Its parliamentarians usually introduce bills to facilitate the adoption of cryptos. Dario Nieto, the senator from Buenos Aires, notably introduced a new bill. The text aims to approve blockchain systems for the payment of social campaigns. Offended by intermediaries who use social campaigns to make money, Nieto hopes to eradicate such practices with the adoption of blockchain technology.

Blockchain law on aid campaign payments in Buenos Aires

The blockchain for better traceability and the exclusion of intermediaries

Blockchain technology is increasingly used for transparency and traceability of certain activities. In a country plagued by embezzlement and tax evasion like Argentina, the approval of this technology would be a significant step forward. At least that’s what Dario Nieto, the Senator of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. He wants his city to embrace blockchain technology to support the social campaign payment management. He has also tabled a bill to this effect in parliament.

This law, if it came into force, would put an end to several social assistance activities. Because many organizers use these campaigns to line their pockets. Some use it to force recipients to take part in political events. He did not fail to specify that: “The management of social plans has become a huge device used to do politics, with which the leaders of social movements exploit people with abusive practices, such as asking for money back, a percentage of the plan, going to protests and blocking the streets. »

Nieto is in favor of Blockchain adoption in Buenos Aires, because all payments are traceable with this technology. Additionally, there will be no more third parties in transactions : “on the blockchain, the money leaves the Ministry of Social Development and goes directly to the beneficiary, without asking for voluntary contributions, without favors such as attendance checks at pickets or marches. », he added.

Nieto Dario and blockchain technology: A growing passion

Nieto Dario is known in Argentina for his special affection for blockchain technology. With this bill, it shows a little more its desire to revolutionize the way of control within his city and even within Argentina. His last bill was about the use of blockchain for better control of government spending and contracts.

There is a lot to do with the rapprochement between Buenos Aires and blockchain-based technologies. The city is precisely in the final phase of its modernization plan. She will use TangoID, a blockchain-based identification system. According to the government calendar, everything will be ready by the beginning of next year.

The city of Buenos Aires has a rather special connection with cryptocurrencies. Last month, the Argentine capital claimed to operate Ethereum nodes for regulatory reasons. Earlier this year, it announced its desire to support cryptocurrencies as a tax payment solution by next year.

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