The new NFT Black Opium collection by YSL

On January 30, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté launches the web3 campaign “Black Opium, The Night is Ours”, in 2 chapters. In tribute to the year of creation of the Black Opium perfume, the first drop of NFTs* will be composed of 2014 “YSL Beauty Night Blocks”, available in two editions including an ultra rare co-created with members of the YSL Beauty community. The ambition of this drop: encourage the commitment of users by tying the purchase of a physical product to obtaining a digital asset exclusive. In addition to holding a value, it gives access to an exclusive relationship with the brand.

YSL Beauté, a committed brand with a pioneering spirit in Web3

YSL Beauty is not at its first attempt. The brand has already collected 24,000 NFT holders during its previous drops*, the “Golden Blocks” and “Pride Blocks”, in particular thanks to its partnership with P00Ls, a native web3 platform. A craze shared by both brand fans and crypto savvy.

This new web3 initiative will be linked to YSL Beauté’s commitment to preventing and combating domestic violence since, as part of this second chapter, all the income generated by the sale of NFTs will be donated to the Abuse Is program. Not Love.

Web3 to reveal the power of community

YSL Beauté has always been an agent of change, a pioneer in the world of beauty. The brand is once again pushing its limits by opening more than ever the way to a new technological and cultural era.

By appropriating the power of web3, it intends to nurture its already very committed community and promote a co-creation approach. A power that has not finished revealing all its secrets…

*All Yves Saint Laurent Beauté NFTs are minted on the Polygon blockchain via the Arianee protocol. The YSL Beauté wallet, which allows you to collect “YSL Beauty Blocks” in a simple and secure way, can be downloaded from the IOS and Android stores. More information available on the page


An experience integrated into the Black Opium buying journey

YSL Beauté is innovating with limited quantity NFTs offered with the purchase of a bottle of the Black Opium range from the online store in France, the United States, Great Britain and Australia. Buyers will receive a newsletter inviting them to download the YSL Beauté wallet and will thus be able to directly retrieve one of the 2014 NFTs, in its original or ultra-rare version.

“This latest part of the “YSL Beauty Blocks” collection allows both to bring a new audience to the web3, faithful to our promise to make this new use more accessible, and to test the potential of NFTs within an online shopping experience.” Diane Hecquet, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.

Two NFT designs inspired by the world of perfume

the “YSL Beauty Night Block” in its original form will be minted in 2000 copies. Hypnotic and refined, it stages Black Opium Eau de Parfum and celebrates its signature codes: night, glitter.

Its ultra-rare version, available in only 14 copies, will represent Black Opium Le Parfum, a new olfactory variation in the range. His name is submitted to the vote of the YSL Beauty Instagram and Twitter communities, in order to promote their interpretation of the Black Opium night.

Illustration of chapter 1 of the web3 campaign “Black Opium, The Night is Ours”

Two levels of utilities for holders:

All NFTs will initially allow access to 3 utilities:

● Access to the private sale of chapter 2 of the web3 activation “Black Opium, The Night is Ours”

● A voucher to be used on

● Access to exclusive content by Nathalie Lorson, the “nose” of Black Opium Le Parfum.

Holders of the rarest NFT will also be offered an exclusive YSL Beauté “Get the Black Opium look” box set consisting of a Black Opium Le Parfum bottle (90ml) as well as a selection of make-up products.


Shortly after drop 1, all holders of “YSL Beauty Blocks” will be notified on their YSL Beauté wallet of the opening of the second drop of the campaign. A new chapter which, this time, will take the form of a paid drop in support of the Abuse Is Not Love program, and to which the brand’s web3 community will have preview access via a private sale on

Even more exclusive, the NFTs of this drop will be made in collaboration with inspiring female artists whose names will be revealed soon.

About Yves Saint Laurent Beauty web 3

In the age of Web3, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has made it its mission to connect with its communities around the world by pushing the limits of creativity and technology. The brand is committed to rewarding their loyalty by offering them exclusive experiences and new activations in partnership with the best web3 players. Some of these initiatives contribute to supporting YSL Beauté’s commitment to preventing and combating domestic violence, by offering visibility and financial support to its “Abuse Is Not Love” program.

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