The Merge Ethereum (ETH): Find out how Opensea is preparing

Only a few days left before the official launch of the Ethereum Merge! Almost all cryptocurrency platforms talk about it. Ethereum’s transition from PoW to PoS is indeed dividing the big names in crypto. The main topic of debates and announcements: whether or not blockchains are supported.

OpenSea joins Circle and Chainlink in supporting only the PoS version of The Merge ETH.

The PoS of The Merge ETH rather than hard forks!

Considered to be the largest non-fungible token (or NFT) market in the world, OpenSea necessarily has a say in the transition from Ethereum to PoS. The platform wants to be categorical on two essential points. For one thing, it will only support Ethereum’s proof-of-stake chain. On the other, it specifies that this support will only be effective once the merger is complete.

Highly anticipated for months, this Ethereum upgrade has a very specific objective: to create a more ecological and therefore less energy-intensive cryptocurrency. According to analyses, this new version would save approximately 99.9% of energy.

An OpenSea product to ease the transition

For months, OpenSea prepares for the Ethereum merger: The Merge. In the interest of transparency, the platform is currently working on an OpenSea product intended to facilitate the transition. It also provides users with a dedicated team whose mission will be to monitor the entire upgrade process. It will also ensure exchanges and communications with the developers.

If all goes well, the launch of The Merge of Ethereum will take place between September 10 and September 20. OpenSea isn’t the only Web3 platform preparing for this merger. Minors also complete the list.

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