The EU is investigating digital giants!  The stock market is panicking!

Since the few recent rumors, the European Union has launched a series of investigations against publicly traded tech titans. Despite their fame, Apple, Meta and Google are suspected of violating regulations aimed at ensuring open and fair digital markets. Let’s discover here a new era of confrontation between Brussels and Silicon Valley.

Revelations from the European Commission

The European Commission has not hidden its suspicions. Indeed, it has clearly indicated its intention to tackle the potentially anti-competitive practices of the technology majors. In the sights of European investigators are in particular the compliance efforts undertaken by Apple, Google and Meta. However, according to Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Digital, these initiatives do not seem to fully meet the obligations arising from the new digital markets regulation (DMA).

Consequently, the recently opened investigations aim to determine whether the measures adopted by these technology companies actually comply with the requirements of the DMA. After all, this ambitious regulatory framework aims to promote a more open and competitive digital environment within the European Union. The Commission is therefore sparing no effort to guarantee strict and impartial application of this new European legislation.

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Apple, Google and Meta in the EU’s sights

The suspicions of the European Commission are focused around several points neuralgic. On the one hand, the authorities question Apple’s conditions for the development of alternative application stores. Furthermore, they question the real freedom of choice offered to users by these stock market giants. The choices in terms of web browsers and default applications on the Apple brand’s devices seem to need to be reviewed.

Meanwhile, Google must face doubts surrounding its business model based on targeted advertising and the exploitation of personal data. As for Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram, it is its paid subscription system that is suspected. A system aimed at avoiding the use of user data which raises questions.

In short, let’s remember that the conclusions remain very distant but it remains a remarkable alert for these giants on the tech stock market. It thus proves that any entity must respect the digital rules of the European Commission. Its commitment to this fight against non-respect does not hesitate to reach out to the biggest. The objective is to protect the data of European citizens and European businesses in a healthy environment. In addition, if the doubts are confirmed, the big three face a fine of 20% of their global turnover.

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