The crypto industry is worth $180 billion and employs 190,000 people!

Crypto businesses have not been on the upswing in recent months. The fact remains that they remain extremely dynamic. This is evidenced by their weight in the global economy, which seems to be strengthening despite the bear market.

Are crypto firms strengthening their weight in the global economy?

Crypto analysis firm K33 Research recently published a report about the crypto market. The study addresses, among other things, questions around the importance of this industry in the global economy.

Data published by K33 Research show that the global crypto sector is not the least in the global economy. It would currently weigh around 1,000 billion dollars. Impressive figures when we know that the sector does not exploit its full potential.

However, the crypto industry, analyzed under the global prism, concerns some 10,000 companies of all kinds. Together, K33 Research estimates that they are worth $180 billion.

According to the data provider, this financial weight would allow them to employ no less than 190,000 people in their services. Most of these employees are concentrated in areas relating to investment and trade.

These figures are proof that the crypto industry is showing a certain dynamism. An evolution that makes the crypto market a sector worth a trillion dollars for 420 million owners.

Also, monumental as they are, the analysis firm thinks that the data thus published underestimates the real potential of this market. The valuation of the latter would have been much higher if it had been carried out during the peak of growth experienced by the sector in 2021.

To some extent, it confirms the expectations of many crypto enthusiasts. Many of them firmly believe that this market will continue to develop at breakneck speed. A trend that should accelerate as regulatory challenges ease.

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