The Coquerel estate is revolutionizing the Calvados industry with "Generations", the first Calvados sold in NFT

Domaine du Coquerel, a reference on the Calvados market, is proud to announce the launch of its latest creation: ” GENERATIONS », the first calvados to be sold in NFT. This innovative initiative marks a real revolution in the world of spirits by boldly combining digital art and traditional know-how. A new era in the calvados industry.

The first calvados sold in NFT, accessible in cryptocurrency

The NFT drop of “ GENERATIONS is scheduled for July 6, while the physical product release will be in September. This unique Calvados will be available for purchase in both cryptocurrency and traditional currency (euro, dollar, etc.), thus offering accessibility to all Calvados lovers, whether they are blockchain enthusiasts or not. As for the “physical” bottles, they will be stored at the producer, guaranteeing provenance and traceability. The NFT, “digital twin” can be traded on the marketplace InterCellar.

A limited edition, a tribute to the age of the domain of Coquerel

GENERATIONS is much more than a simple Calvados, it is a special edition that symbolizes the history and heritage of the Domaine. With only 86 bottles available, in homage to the estate’s 86 years, this exceptional cuvée is a unique blend of eaux-de-vie from three successive generations of the Martin family. These eaux-de-vie, aged between 9 and 50 years, offer a range of complex and harmonious flavors.

“GENERATIONS” will be presented in an exclusive screen-printed bottle, carefully sealed in an elegant metal box. This edition thus marks the first numbered and screen-printed bottle of the distillery, underlining the unique and precious character of this cuvée.

A partnership with InterCellar, an expert in the sector

The Domaine du Coquerel collaborated with InterCellar for this innovative initiative. InterCellar is a recognized player in the world of wines and spirits and NFTs.

About the domain of Coquerel

For 86 years, each recipe and cuvée has been thought out in a contemporary, artisanal and authentic approach, true DNA of the house. The production and marketing of this Norman eau-de-vie now allow the Domaine to assert its international influence, with 70% of its production exported to more than 30 countries including the USA, Canada, Japan and other countries Nordic like al Finland, Denmark or al Norway.

Calvados Coquerel
Calvados Coquerel

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