Texas Senator Ted Cruz Buys Bitcoin Every Week

Texan Senator Ted Cruz is fed up with politicians printing bills, he prefers to invest in Bitcoin to hedge against inflation. With about 2 BTC in his possession, he buys every Monday despite the current price drop. Cruz remains convinced that the queen of cryptocurrencies is the new essential store of value, just like gold.

Ted Cruz Arms Himself Against Inflation: Buying Bitcoin Every Monday

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is known for his beliefs in bitcoin. Besides touting Satoshi’s invention, he also stores BTC in his personal wallet. Last February, during CPAC 2022, he showed the world that Bitcoin could change Texas.

Recently, Ted Cruz once again voiced his support for Bitcoin. He has underline that inflation protection was one of his main motivations for investing in the queen of cryptos.

According to Ted, politicians print money all the time, which makes Bitcoin all the more important. In fact, he has often compared cryptocurrency to gold – a reliable store of value that protects against the ravages of inflation and reckless monetary policies.

Senator Ted Cruz adopted a regular investing strategy by buying bitcoins every Monday. Currently, he holds around 2 BTC and presents himself as a long-term investor.

Bitcoin still in the buy zone according to analyst Dave the Wave

Dave the Wave, a renowned crypto analyst and trader, is of the opinion that Bitcoin, despite its volatility, still remains in the buy zone. It is currently found on the logarithmic growth curve (LGC).

The LGC (Logarithmic Growth Curve) offers an interesting alternative to trend lines to closely follow the growth of Bitcoin. Long-term investors can use this technical indicator as a general exponential growth model to predict asset prices in the market.

The cap of the curve is the maximum price that BTC should reach in a certain period of time.

According to Dave the Wave, the current Bitcoin price is near the buy zone when considering the long-term trend of the LGC Converging Channel. This buy zone is a narrow band at the base of the converging channel.

Forecasts and analyzes on a possible rise in Bitcoin continue to abound. However, don’t be fooled, these forecasts are not always accurate. It is therefore important to do your own research and believe in your own analysis before making any investment decisions.

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